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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Virtual Servos On Second Or Third Ezb?

Can we have virtual servos assigned to more then one EZB in a project? I'm trying to run a script pointing to watch a virtual assigned to a second EZB in my project. I get the following error:


1: :start
2: WaitForServoMove(1.V1)
> Error on line 2: Missing String Quotes or Invalid Expression at index 1: .V
Done (00:00:00.0468763)

Here's my script:


$ElbowPos = GetServo(1.V1)
#Commands for moving motor to position and
#speed based on the variable contents. I'll
#emulate with print commands.
print("The Elbow position is " + $elbowpos)

Happy Winter Solstice... We are officially on winter.


Thanks for the fix. I'm working in a project and i will use the Virtual Servos.
i'll do an open source custom plugin similar to the Dynamixel, i hope can help demo the SDK api methods.


Thanks for the kind words, although i don't feel like a pro, i'm not working for the Google Brain project:)

Alan is the man... When i grow up i would like to be like him:) patient and one thing at a time... I do multitasking and sometimes i miss simple things, going then for the big issues.

Thanks Alan
OK, I spent the afternoon moving all my robot arm servo and UART connections from EZB - 2 to the EZB - 0. I then spent a long time rewriting scripts pointing to the changes. My thinking was that it would be much more easy to code and keep things straight if everything was running off of EZB - 0. Seemed like the best thing to do considering I wanted to start using virtual servos and watch them with EZ scripts.

Well, this all sounded good on paper and in my head. As it usually turns out in this robot build of mine, reality is very different. Once I moved it all over I found lots of electronic squealing in my sound system attached to EZB - 0 when motors moved, jerky servos and general oddities all over including the voice neon flashing randomly. I took great care to balance and isolate my power supplies between the sound systems, motor systems and lights making sure the EZB's were on the same power systems as the things they controlled. The idea was to keep this electronic interference from happening. I guess I locked myself into using a separate EZB with the arms of my robot. Once I moved everything back to EZB - 2 and retrieved my old saved project all was right with the world again.

Now my two choices are to go back to the way of writing scripts as shown above to move the DC elbow motor along with the AutoPosition frames or just wait for DJ to look into this possible bug. I'll Probably do both. ;) I really want to see both my B9 robot arms waving around together as a set. :D

Enjoy the holidays! Relax and have fun! :P Happy building.
The bug is fixed and scheduled for the New Years release. It's a gigantic update for 2017. I do not recommend changing your build today to compensate. Hold off and you'll be happy in the new year.
Thank you DJ. All I can say is you're amazing. I don't know how you keep from getting too full of yourself with all you do and achieve. You're like a superhero! :)

Do you need a beta tester for this release? I'll happily do a little testing for you if you send me a copy of the new upgrade. ;)
I just found the update to EZ Robot with this support upgrade. Thanks so very much! :D:D
Virtual servos are working great now on other EZB's besides the first one. Thanks again!