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Video Of Ez-B Controlling The Waist Rotation Of My B9

Hi all,

I've been struggling and working on learning scripting in EZ Builder. With the help of a couple members here (Gunner and Putt Putt) giving me some pointers and code examples I was able to bake a break through on one of the most important animations on "Blinky" I'm building (my full sized B9-Robot frOM Lost in Space).

The waist rotation motor is a 24vdc gear motor running through a Pololu VNH5019 Motor H-bridge. I'm a Multi turn pot for encoder feedback running in-line on the waist gear next to the motor. The script is setup to listen for a call from another script stating the $adcSpecified values received from the pot. The values tell the script where I want the waist to stop rotating. Right now I have this call script set up to send different $adcSpecified values, one at a time after a little Sleep period so the motor has time to move there. I also have different PWM levels set for each move so the speed will ramp up as it starts up and down as it reached the stop point. The torso of my B9 Robot is very heavy (I think around 70 lbs) and I don't want it jerking to a start or stop. Works great thanks to the EZ-B!

Here's the vid. Enjoy:

I've taken another vid of the waist rotation on my B9 being controlled by EZ-B. This time I took off the CCS and now you can see the actual gears and motors working. I also give a little under the hood tour.

Have fun,
Dave Schulpius


Sorry for bringing this thread back to life. DJ suggested I look at your potentiometer setup.

My R2-D2 dome setup is very very similar to your B9's waist. I'm running a rockler lazy susan
with a big gear exactly like yours (A&A?).

Motor is a Pittman controlled via a Syren10 motor controller.

I'm looking to be able to spin R2's dome and be able to return to center.

Can you share some more info on the hardware specifics and code?


All I can say is dude you rule, thats a great robot way to go!
WOW! I'm so glad you shared those videos. Thank you. It really helps to understand how much work you have put into it. I don't think anyone fully comprehends how much work is involved until you see it. Very impressive!
Thanks for the positive and encouraging comments. It's been a lot of work but a labor of love. Just think, this time last year before I even knew about EZB, I knew nothing at all about robotics. Didn't even know how to start to write a script. EZ Robot is really responsible for all this!

R2D2, I posted info on this in your thread about encoders. Hope it helped. let me know if you need more.