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I Want To Build A Mowbot

I have the power and a zero turn lawn mower what's the best way or system to navigate 3 acres any ideas?

A Question About Hacking A Wheel Chair

Has anyone ever hacked a wheel chair controller? it seems like it would make sense or is it better to use a bridge can anyone shed some lite on this ? 2 10 watt 24 vdc motors
Robots Coming Along Linear Actuaters Question

Robots Coming Along Linear Actuaters Question

Has anyone ever used linear actuaters with ez-b ? is there a tutoral? or combineed it with a plc? maybe some one can shed some...

I Would Like To Upgrade To 24 Volt

I have been a machine builder for 25 years , when I tear apart machines to throw away over the years i have saved the cool 24 volt gadgets like prox switches, vision systems lasers etc.They are ment to be run by plc's,but I think i could make some mind blowing stuff if I could get them to talk to ezb.My problem is I'm not an electronics guy. Can...

Is There A Quick Hack To A Rad 2.0?

I just found a rad 2.0 i want to hack just want to know if it is a few wire hack or a full on for the basic system ? I have not been in there yet ( stupid job lol. taking too much of my robot time)

I Want To Make My Robot Talk

Can anyone tell me a little more about a wireless usb hub are they hard to hook up? could you recommend one or have a link to a good one thank you! *confused*

Question About Computer Size And Power

I will be buying a laptop soon , but I have an old desktop a hp 3200 32 bit I know it is not very powerful. I hook up the camera on it and ezbuilder shuts down , is this because of the 32 bit or should it run?

A Question About Wire

Hi I recieved my first kit today yeah I would like to know if there is a max length on the wire I use to control servos and such from the controller.thank you

Vuzix Glasses

what model vuzix glasses do you use? and where can i get them?
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