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Using Two Ez-B

Hello friends. I'm trying touse TWO Ez-b on my MOVUC project. One for upper servos. ( arms, head, eyes..) and another one for sensors and Movement panel... My question is: how do I use the ARC to tell in witch board execute a specific scriptL?!. See... I know that when I create a servo control I can assign to a board 1, 2, etc.. But when I use those servos on a script to, let's say, Blink the eyes, I don't know how to send that to the board where that servos are attached... And, when I use an movements panel, it only sends signal to the board 1! And I would like to connect it to board 2... Do I have to run two ARC at the sabe time to do that ? Thanks!

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You can specify the board in the script commands.

Scroll down in the EZ-Script dialogue on the right and there is a mention of multiple boards; Multiple EZ-B Boards ARC supports multiple physical EZ-B Boards connected to your computer. You can specify the board by putting the board number in front of the port...

Type Multiple EZ-B Boards as a search term in the EZ-Script Script help and hit find next, it should take you to the explanation.

For instance, move a servo to position 100 on D0 of board 2 you would use Servo(2.D0,100)


Great! Thanks a lot for the tip! But.. What about the movement panel... How to set to board 2?...


It automatically defaults to board number 0 I think so I'd say make the board that has the motors attached board number 0.

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The Movement Panel is only available for board 0.

If you absolutely must have the Movement Panel on a different board then you can use the custom Movement Panel and write scripts to create the movement, however just reorganising your EZ-Bs so the drivetrain is on EZ-B 0 is a much simpler method.


Thanks friends! You rock! Now I know exactly how to do it!