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Using Ez-B V4 In School Building Is Banned


I am a high school teacher. I got an EZ-B V4 to use it with my students in my STEM Engineering class. The network adminstrator in the building told me that I can not use this wifi connection in the building. He said that it will affect the school network and will also affect the IP adresses for the other devices connected to the network.

is this right? that I can not use EZ-B V4 . Can you please help me with this issue because I have a little background in network.

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I am a network/server/SQL/Programmer guy. I have 25 years of experience. I now am a VP of IT at a national bank in the US. I also manage a schools network and teach a robotics course that uses EZB V4's.

Feel free to have your network guy email me. d.cochran AT cox DOT net

He is simply wrong.

The device is setup by default to this is probably his fear. This device is set to AP mode. it is impossible for it to interfere with other devices when in AP mode.

If you put this device on the network, you can force the device to stick to a specific IP by assigning the MAC address of the EZB v4 to that specific IP address. That would prevent it from affecting the ip addresses for the other device connected to the network, which it wouldn't do anyway even with using DHCP.

He is either uneducated on networking, or too lazy to do much at all. There are a lot of people in these types of positions at schools and it gets under my skin bad. The simple fact is that he should be finding a way to improve technology in the school and not simply trying to dismiss it. With this logic, he should ban all cell phones from entering the building because they might cause interference with his WIFI antennas. BTW, that too is bunk.


Your network administrator doesn't have a clue about how WiFi works (or didn't bother to do even basic research into how the EZ-B works before saying no).

It is impossible for the EZ-B to affect the IP addresses of other devices. At worst, if your network is very crowded and using all WiFi channels, adding the EZ-B in AP mode could impact the range of nearby devices, but that would be extremely unlikely.


United Kingdom

In short, it's no different to a couple of smart phones or tablets connecting to each other over WiFi.

EZ-Robots are involved in STEM. As mentioned above, your network guy is wrong (which doesn't surprise me, a lot of school network "experts" over here know very little).


Akebrahim, I think it is a matter of education, fully explaining politely what you are doing, and how you will benefit students. The schools system should not be affected by you running EZ Robot. Unless you have students programing heavy internet inquires, it should not be an overload based on my user experience. Present a demonstration of EZ Robot and availability of school resources. Steve S


I fail to see how it would affect your school network in any negative way. Attaching to the school WiFi would use only one IP address. And he can even choose the address he wants it to use.

At worst, in AP mode it would show up an available AP to anyone in range searching for a WiFi signal. Anyone with a hot spot activated on their phone or tablet would be doing the same thing and I bet your school network has yet to come crashing down as a result.

Personally, I think if I you had approval to buy the EZB4 to use in the class, then it should be up to him to help you figure out a way to use it.


No that guy isnt the sharpest tack in the box and probably is isnt qualified to really be maintaining a network.


If he really didnt want it on the network, he should have said that we have a policy that states that all devices attached to our network much have school approved virus protection. That one I could see happening, but the excuse he gave is so lame...

Even with this, it could still connect via AP mode. It would just prevent you from being able to attach it to the school network.


Better to ask for forgiveness than permission , lol


I never got an email today. I hope you were able to convince him he was wrong.


Problem solved. Now, I can use Ez-b v4 at my school. Thank you for the information you provided to me in this matter.


That is great to hear!




d.cochran, thank you for the big help in solving this issue.