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Using Joystick With EZ Builder Running On Remote Desktop Computer

I have a robot that is connected to the computer through WIFI1. This computer will have another WIFI 2 that will be used to connect the computer to network. I will be controlling this computer from another one (Master) using Remote Desktop App. I want to be able to control the movement of the robot using a joystick connected to theĀ  master...

Servo For Jd Gripper

Hi; I did something wrong with the Servo for JD Gripper, it is not working any more. I want to buy a new servo. I knew that it is avilable on EZ-Robot site. But I do not want to order from there and wait long time to have it. Can any one help me to buy similler one from ebay or any US vender. Thank you,

Running Jd For Longer Time

Hi, is there a way to have JD run for longer time. May be external power supply. The time the battery last is not enough for me to deal more with JD and I have to wait for the battery to recharge. I have another Humanoid robot (Bioloid) that I can connect it to external power supply and work with it for hours. Thank you

Using Ez-B V4 In School Building Is Banned

Hi, I am a high school teacher. I got an EZ-B V4 to use it with my students in my STEM Engineering class. The network adminstrator in the building told me that I can not use this wifi connection in the building. He said that it will affect the school network and will also affect the IP adresses for the other devices connected to the network. is...

Help With Tutorials For Ez-Robot

I just got my EZ robot kit to use with my students at school. When we followed the tutorial steps 1 to 19 to learn about this kit, we find that steps 12,13,14,15 and16 have the same video and text as step 11. I think there is something wrong with the site. Does anyone can help? Abdel
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