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Upcoming New Ez-Robot Website Features?

I was curious if there were any features you were willing to divulge on the new website. Any changes to the forums too?


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You bet! We're hiring a full time web developer who will be making a pile of changes. One feature I think will be really neat is the ability to rate user's who help. So if a user continues to provide help and solutions to questions, the questioner can give "credit". And the credit can be used in the Store:)

There's some other features too:D

We're doing this thing... called "Turning EZ-Robot into a real company". That means employees to do work - rather than the few of us doing everything! lol


Great news DJ!

United Kingdom

Awesome feature, I've seen it used with great success on other forums (even without the shop incentive). Anything to encourage good help is a winning idea if you ask me.

Any ETA yet or is it just going to happen when it happens?

New Zealand

I guess we have to wait till Pinocchio becomes a real boy .... not that he ain't half bad as he is now.... lol

Hey while on the subject I wouldn't mind having a more detailed member profile so we can see who each other is... family an all that.... Perhaps a photo/video gallery of what a user has uploaded....


Could there be a way to handle personal project pages differently than open discussion? Maybe have an option to whether or not allow replies. I say this only to have project pages concise enough for people to browse them. Questions about the project can still be asked in the open forum.


Dj incredible business evolution, and that Troy seems like a good idea!


glad to see things are moving in the right direction.

would be nice if i can get updates from a post i want to watch without having to post on it something like ebay (add to watch list)


Great news DJ.

@Troy thats a great idea. That way there is a constant progression of the project, and the reader can follow it easily if they are away from the form for a bit.

Would there be anyway of keeping a tab or following a topic in the forum, i.e like a bookmark and keep it in our profile. Like right now I just find a topic and bookmark it in my browser.

Its just idea.

Dj I think I speak for all of us when I say, Thank you for all your and your teams hard work.


However it turns out I'm sure it will be great. DJ has always come through for us.