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Understanding Camera'S

I have some questions on cameras that I have not been able to find in Community.

  1. I see on several comments that you can use any camera that shows up on windows. I see in the ezb camera plugin you can select a Logitech 920 web cam. The 920 comes with a usb connection. How can you use a web cam on a robot that doesn't have a USB port?

  2. If ezb can use any camera whose video can show up on a windows computer why can't a cell phone or tablet camera not work with ezb software. On another thread I asked about using a iPad camera and was told it would not work. Has anyone used a cell phone or tablet for a camera on their Robot?

Just for information. I purchased a ezb camera and am waiting for it to get here. However I would like to use a tablet for a head on my robot.

Thanks for your help.



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If your referring to a wireless camera, you have the option of a camera which comes with a wireless dongle, or a IP camera. Either way should work.

A cellphone or tablet doesn't work natively because the operating system is very locked down. DJ commented that he is basically at the max of what iOS will let him do. I have had success using apps which stream to windows.

The ez-robot camera plug into the board. And other camera will plug into the computing device.


Every control has a ? (question mark) next to the X (close). Press that button on the camera control to view the camera manual page.

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See my video at post:

Mutiple Camera's

Provided links to app's and software used. You will see android cell phone and camera being used. Was EZ setup using the wealth of tutorials/help provided by Dj and team .

Hope it helps :D


if you have an onboard computer or tablet that has a usb port, you can use the Logitec 920 camera. My inmoov has 2 of them. You can only use one of them at a time though. Logitec's driver only recognizes one of these at a time.

The tablet camera may not work depending on if the manufacturer followed proper standards or not.

The 920 will show up in your list of cameras in ARC. Just select it and click the start button. From there you should see the image from the 920 in ARC.


Thanks for clarifying the USB issue. I am still thinking about using a computer stick for the Max when they come down. Then I will be able to use it.



You can use multiple logitech c920's on the same PC/tablet. I gave you some bad information earlier. If you remove the logitech software, your computer will recognize multiple of these cameras. You will have to control these from within your application, but it will work.

Sorry about that. I just fought through the issue with my environment. There is also some java based solution, but I would just remove the logitech software if you wanted to use 2 or more from the same computer.

The uninstall will prompt you with three check marks. Uncheck the top 2 (removal of their software) but leave the third one checked (the driver).