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UART TX On Iotiny

Hmm the Tx pin not the same on Tiny? I had working to roomba with EZBv4 but on tiny it saying the tx not supported on this device,Tiny.Try a different signal pin?

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Hmm the Tx pin not the same on Tiny? I had working to roomba with EZBv4 but on tiny it saying the tx not supported on this device,Tiny.Try a different signal pin?
#2   — Edited
I moved your question to here because it was in an unrelated thread regarding amplifying audio. What additional information can you provide about the "UART TX Pin" that you're looking for? The IoTiny has software TX uart, it does not have hardware. Did you check the manual for the roomba skill?

Here's a link to the manual for the roomba skill: https://synthiam.com/Support/Skills/Movement-Panels/iRobot-Roomba-Movement-Panel?id=19164

Also, the config for the irobot roomba panel says this for ports..

User-inserted image
#3   — Edited
I basically just used the output pin 4 data and ground like I did on Ezb4 but that was pin 5 I thought all 8 pin can do tx on tiny but not sure if I need to adjust on the Movement Panel where it is saying 0 for port?
I did select Uart on movement panel.
#4   — Edited
In the config of the movement panel. IoTiny doesn't have hardware UART. Change to Software on IO Tiny

User-inserted image
Ya it is probably something simple but now ARC is showing connection to Roomba and Tiny is connected as I can make it talk my mp3.Still when I try innit and brush motor or arrow forward nothing happens.No error message,like it should be activating roomba. Possibly the yellow and white wires for tx and ground are reversed As I ran out of black ground wire.Afraid to switch in case that is bad to do,lol! I will try rebooting everything and then check on other  Ezbv4 if I had the signal and ground reversed.
Aha reading the pdf spec sheet on tiny it does say digital pins go D0--D7 So I didn't do that I used pin D4 for TX, will place tx to D0 location and try,if not working time for a beer and off to bed may need a fresh start in morning.
Duh! Yep that was the problem, my Tx wire needed to be on D0 pin on Tiny,now all good, want to try booting around but people downstairs sleeping,lol!xD
It is what ever port you have selected for software serial in the irobot roomba movement panel

User-inserted image
Oh I didn't know you could change that port number,I just used it there anyway,working great,turns out if you just drive around it is super Quiet with no brush or vacuum motors on,did a nice little test all running off the power from Roomba serial cable/battery.Yay!
IM Gonna try using my generic PS3 game pad with that other game pad plug in. Thanks again DJ, clink of the beer can!
I expect the beer in the mail:D