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Titles From Topics In Black Color

did any notest some titles are in black color ,and cant be open. i see one of mine withs i didn place here.


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I just noticed that. They seem to be users EZ Cloud projects that are showing up on the forums recent activity home page.


steve g

yes without placing them there


I think DJ is doing some work on the web page. Earlier today all the achievements (now showing on the right side of the page, I don't remember if they were there before or not) were showing up in the recent activity list as well.



i think from today it started.

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Black text is not a hyperlink so no amount of clicking will open anything, since it's not pointing to anything. Click under the text where it says "Download App" and it'll, believe it or not, download the app it's referring to.

The list you are looking at is "Recent Activity", this obviously now includes app uploads and tutorials (both of which are recent activity).

I'm sure DJ will explain any new features/functions when he has time to.


Everything is ok.... nobody panic... @nomad go back to your robots.... eyeroll


You're apps are marked as public. Public apps are now listed in the activity news feed. The news feed is no longer just messages. It also includes other community activities. Such as user tutorials, plugins, and apps.

If you don't want your apps to show up in the activity list, do not mark them public:). Public apps means they are available to anyone.

The original development plan was to have the news feed contain achievements as well - as someone had spotted last night. However, due to the number of new customers signing on per day, it flooded the feed. I moved the achievements back into their own section - if you had spotted it last night/early this morning:)