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The Ez-Case

A few weeks back, while writing a report, I had it. The stroke of brilliance.
I've always looked at my EZ-b as a fragile, I find that all electronic boards look fragile
when they don't have a case or a housing that protects them. Eventhough they usually aren't, but I do..
So here comes the idea, a case for the EZ-b. A few hours of "Inventoring" and mesuring later:

User-inserted image

I added all the holes you would need to plug in servo's and other things, but I also added a
hole on top, so that you can add a fan to cool the heatsinks. Also I added a hole in the middle
of the case. If I wanted to use an external communication system, like USB, Synapse, Xbee, WiFi, etc.
And finally I added holes to the bottom of the case for easy mounting.

Last week I ordered it from ShapeWays, to have it 3D-printed and today it came in. Here and there
some adjustments (it's always difficult to design something for an object if you don't have all
dimensions or a CAD model of the object), threaded the holes made some spacers and taadaa:

Presenting the EZ-Case
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

It works, looks great and is easy to assemble.

If anyone else likes it, wants one, you might be able to motivate(yell at me, "I want one!") me to
design v2.0 that requires less "adjustments" ,is a little bit smaller and a few other things that I
would change now I have my one.


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That is fantastic! I love the creativity and the look. 3D Printers are the future, and this is a good way of showing off how it can be easy to design, and print off something very practical:)
That's an awesome enclosure dude:D
Nice! I'd do what DJ suggested and post it to thingiverse. I'm sure a lot of people would love to have the files for your enclosure:)
You need something for doing this, great job.
Thanks for sharing.
I'll add my voice to the "Yes we want it" crowd.
And also my compliments on the great work.

One comment. I would leave the fan outside the case. That way if someone needs to save space but doesn't need the fan, they can just remove it. With it inside, that height will be used whether you install a fan or not. This design also makes the fan easier to replace.
Thanks guys for the complements, I'll eddit the current design, make a few changes here and there
and I'll make a tutorial on how to make it like mine. Before that, I'll post the new design.
So V2.0...

User-inserted image

Starting at the top left, I increased the thickness of the bottomplate, this gave (top right) the possibility to countersink
the screws on the bottom. In the previous version you would need to add your own threads.
Now on the bottom left, I increased the total hight of the top half of the case. By doing this I'm securing the fact that you
can still use it with a bluetooth module or it would be a narrow fit.
Continueing with the bottom right picture, I moved the square hole for the power supply 2mm to the left and I made
a round cut-out in wall above where the connector of the bluetooth module would be. This cut-out would allow thicker cables
going out of the case.

The EZ-Case V2.0
User-inserted image


Let me know what you guys think.
Wow! Keeps getting better. Totally dig it. We will print some!
Awesome, let me know how it works out and what you think of it.
Thank You Guys so much. I looked on thingiverse but could not find it. Fortunately you posted the stl files and I downloaded them.

God Bless you guys. This is the Greatest forum in the whole world.
+1 For this as well. I didn't even know it existed until now.
Oh woah, completely forgot I made this thread. Glad you all still like it:)
Will this work with the EZB 4? And: annyone in the community offering prints, or do I need to go through Shapeways?

The print files are for the version 3 EZB. There have been no new stl files created for a version 4 EZB.
Also The V4 Case Stl Files Are Available On The EZ-robot WebsitE And In ARC.