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Resolved Resolved by Nomad 6R!

TTS And Added Post Effects

I'm working on a massively cool project at the moment. I'm hitting a wall as I source out the individual parts. I need one of the TTS voices to be post processed to sound more like a robot. There is one voice from Cereproc that is robot but I don't like the robot sound. I was looking for a windows program that would alter the voice as its spoken in realtime from EZ Bulider. Most of the programs I find are for altering a live mic, but they don't seem to effect the TTS voices. I've also looked into a post processing the voice on the speakers out, live with a toy placed inline after the computer to modulate the voice, but again i can't find anything anygood.

Any suggestions or good finds are welcome!?!

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I just downloaded everything to play with and I am messing around with garage band on IOS devices..lots of sound editing there as well with presets. Looks like to get the exact sound i want i will have to go with pre recorded mp3 files.
For great on the fly robot voice effect cylonix vocoder is for all windows versions and free. The most authentic roboy dalek---cylon and EQ adjustment. To make microphone clear and clean up all audio input live so you can modify how human or robot you want. Works on my panda too but have not tried to see how Ez builder windows can work it.
i just looked and its says not suppoted anymore.cylonix vocoder.
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Cylonix has not been supported for years but the download is there still and works perfectly, built by the original guy who made the cylon voices for the 70's movie and tv show.Based on the synthesizer  Vocoder they used from Germany which they used on TV. Also why it is now free...http://cylonix.com/programs/cylxv200.zip

I always wanted to use it on my Cylon Halloween costume but I never had a windows computer small enough, now with the Panda computer it is very possible,all sound source input gets converted with no delay real time effect.
Thanks guys. I got a lot to chew on. Thank nomad for the video and I’ll try cylonix too. I’m also trying out a video on YouTube for using a vocoder on a recorded voice. Pretty cool.