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Suggestion For Another Night...Like Hack Night?

I know time is money and you all have alot of gears turning there at Synthiam, but  have a suggestion since the platform is still developing. I'm not sure how many others feel the same as me...but I would love a live Q and A  stream, like a hack night but just answering questions about controls and scripting and anything EZ Builder and hardware related. Then show examples to answer or to achieve a goal.  Or maybe a thread where people can ask questions a head of time and then demo those on a live stream?! I feel these streams would be an invaluable resource for users.

Anyone else feel this would be beneficial or interesting?

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Now a live classroom night would be perfect...something where she teaches a lesson we can all follow, and still be le to ask questions as we go....
A general Q and A thread could be neat as long as we have enough participation.
Hey everyone - what day works best? Jeremie was asking if I’d do the interactive q&a on Friday... but some would like a different day of the week. What day or evening is best for everyone?
I'm with Jer on this one, I vote for our standard Friday night with beer in hand (even if it has an orange in it!).
I vote for Sunday night
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Stick with Friday. I think Will and Josh will have lots of questions, I read they have 15 3D printers each, going 24/7 on building large secret Robots, the power grid has weakened since they started. this should be more then interesting. but will they tell us anything.