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Suggestion For Another Night...Like Hack Night?

I know time is money and you all have alot of gears turning there at Synthiam, but  have a suggestion since the platform is still developing. I'm not sure how many others feel the same as me...but I would love a live Q and A  stream, like a hack night but just answering questions about controls and scripting and anything EZ Builder and hardware related. Then show examples to answer or to achieve a goal.  Or maybe a thread where people can ask questions a head of time and then demo those on a live stream?! I feel these streams would be an invaluable resource for users.

Anyone else feel this would be beneficial or interesting?

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United Kingdom
Great idea - this would help lots of people.
I would probably again, miss the live part of it...but I would love to have it, so I can revisit!!:)
Okay - let’s do that this Friday:)
Dang, I’ll miss the first one! It’s Thanksgiving here in the US on Thursday and I’ll be traveling on Friday.
Okay - i'll do it the following weekend so we can all be there. Specifically the guy who mentioned it lol. This upcoming friday i'll do my Commodore 64 hack then lol
Haha sounds good! Come on guys gather up all those head scratching questions and let’s ask the grand master how-to?!?...’
This sounds like a great idea..Maybe some live learning sessions would be nice (Prof E ?:) )
Professor e is part of ezrobot and focused on classrooms. I can help in q&a sessions...

maybe a good idea is I’ll create a thread for the live hack and people can ask questions there. That gives me time to prepare and demo the answers. Stay tuned
Hey that is a great idea.I think i may have a question or 2.
I would like Sunday or Monday nights - Suggestion For Another Night
Now a live classroom night would be perfect...something where she teaches a lesson we can all follow, and still be le to ask questions as we go....
A general Q and A thread could be neat as long as we have enough participation.
Hey everyone - what day works best? Jeremie was asking if I’d do the interactive q&a on Friday... but some would like a different day of the week. What day or evening is best for everyone?
I'm with Jer on this one, I vote for our standard Friday night with beer in hand (even if it has an orange in it!).
I vote for Sunday night
#16   — Edited
Stick with Friday. I think Will and Josh will have lots of questions, I read they have 15 3D printers each, going 24/7 on building large secret Robots, the power grid has weakened since they started. this should be more then interesting. but will they tell us anything.