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I like! Thanks for pointing it out @Lumpy!

Some video demos of the different parts would be awesome Mr. DJ Sures! Especially the tracks.


Videos are coming :D

I figured you'd like the arms too! My favorite item is the Pan/Tilt for the camera.

For anyone with the 2.5 amp L298 motor controller, the cable kit is useful - no soldering!


I never solder directly to pins. Crimp all my own servo connectors but hey the jumpers are a good solution for non-crimpers.

The pan/tilt is cool. I have I think the same one from SF. Makes life simpler.

I like the rover 5 base.


Great to see the treads in there DJ. It would be nice to know the size dimensions and have a few different sizes for those of us building bigger robots. I must say, whilst the soldering is hands on and adds the fire and brimstone to robotics, I look forward to the day when it's all just plug and play. Parts that do not need soldering to me are like wine bottles with screw caps instead of corks - the wine tastes just as good with much less effort to taste it.


Totally agree with Hazbot, it would be great to mount robot off plug and play like riding a personal computer, it may be time to standardize our assembly components, Dj and the community may make history!