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Steve Norris Anyone?

Today Steve was featured on daily planet with his new "cobrabot", a robot that is built to face track and get scared and back away when something gets too close to it. I just found his website. He's made a lot of robots. I like the stool robot he made.

Norris Labs

It appears he has managed to figure out things that we all have not fully been able to come to a conclusion on.

  1. his balloon gripper. we had one person mention about the noise of an air pump. he is using a hand vacuum and a servo as the air pump and it's pretty quiet!

  2. His ir beacon navigation system. I know that there has been a lot of talk about an ir beacon system used for docking. look at how he has done it.


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Thank you Technopro for the site link!


the linking system must be messed up. it works fine for me.

United Kingdom

It worked fine for me too.


STEVE NORRIS designs are great i made some of them before its a old site,but great for you share it TECHNOPRO ,thanks