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#2   — Edited
if you compare your link to mine you'll find that it's the link i already found.;)

But this skill is only for sending commands. (smart home control for example)

Pretty much at the beginning:

"Please note that this plugin only handles the sending of messages to IFTTT. If you plan on receiving messages from IFTTT, take a look at this tutorial: https://synthiam.com/Support/Skills/Misc/IFTTT-Sender?id =15883"

But the link refers to itself, i.e. to the page that explains how to send something to IFTTT, not receive it.

The background is that there is a website that offers webhooks to control things. Quasi an alarm function that triggers a webhook.

I want to achieve that when the webhook is triggered, my robot is controlled. So it doesn't necessarily have to run via ITTT if there is another way to process webhooks.
#3   — Edited
Use one of the HTTP servers. I use this one often for running scripts remotely: https://synthiam.com/Support/Skills/Remote-Control/HTTP-Server?id=16082

The last time we spoke with IFTTT, they wanted USD 5k per month for ARC to be a connection. Their service is hardly worth that. I'm surprised they're still around because the last time I heard, people abandoned it once they started charging. But they did raise USD 68 million a few years prior during the IoT boom, so that'll keep them going for quite a while...

Anyway, here's a screenshot. You'll find almost 800 robot skills in the skill store. The ones in REMOTE CONTROL are probably what you're looking for regarding this question. You can use Exosphere or Remote UI or HTTP server or what ever. Here's the link to remote control robot skills: https://synthiam.com/Products/Controls/Remote-Control

For example, I can run a script called "Script" with this URL: 


User-inserted image
#4   — Edited
Perfect, looks exactly what I'm looking for. I had already looked at all the connection and Remote Control skills, but we weren't quite sure how it works and what it does with this one.

Have already managed to create a link via the browser that starts a script.

Will test tomorrow if the website triggers that too, but why shouldn't it work. Many Thanks.
just tested it. Unfortunately the webhook does not trigger. Since it works in the browser, I suspect that the problem is on the website that is supposed to trigger the webhook. Too bad.
What website is supposed to trigger the webhook? I'm guessing you do not have a port open in the router. No matter what service you use, iftft or anything, you need a port forward in your router to the ARC robot computer. This is because it's behind a firewall, and the internet can't reach it. It is mentioned in the HTTP link, but it's different for every router, so I can't help you specifically.

The port you would need to forward is 80, otherwise known as HTTP.

Then, your webhook will be the internet IP address of your router, not the computer IP.
I had already done the port forwarding in the router. It works perfectly over the local and over the internet ip. But the page just won't trigger the webhook. I've also tested a service that shortens the URL if the site has a problem with the syntax of the URL. Unfortunately didn't fix the problem.,%20%22Track_Random%22)

The site is:


Then click "Create new function". But I think you have to be registered to test it.

The idea is to let my robot make a live steam and the spectators should be able to control it.
#9   — Edited
I just found out that the address doesn't work if you click on the link here now. (The website cannot be reached refused the connection.)

But if I copy the url separately into a new tab (copy and paste url manually) and press enter then it works! I think there is the mistake somewhere.

I have to go to bed now, it will soon be 3 a.m. in Germany;)

I let the server run for testing.