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Resolved Resolved by Perry_S!

Speech Recognition Not Working In Windows 10

Can someone help me with getting my speech recognition to work in Windows 10 on my new PC?  It works fine on an older windows 8 PC that I had been using.

I added the microphone control to the project to make sure that it hears the microphone.  That works. 

In the speech recognition configure menu, when I speak the levels tab on the side goes up and down.  So the microphone seems to be working.  I'm using an external microphone.

There isn't a line readout in the speech recognition control in the upper right corner as there is on my windows 8 version.  So I don'tbelieve the module is connecting  to the speech recognition part of microsoft.   No confidence number or anything.   This is what my project looks like:

User-inserted image

When I open microsoft word, I'm able to get the dictation working.  So I believe the speech recognition part of microsoft works, but it doesn't appear to connect to ez-robot.

Any help would be appreciated.  I've been struggling with this for a few days.

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I've been out of the country for a few weeks, and am back now.  Thanks for pursuing this.  I don't have alienware running at startup.  Here's what I have:

User-inserted image

Do you see anything that I should turn off?
Try disabling the Realtek HD Audio Universal....  I believe it is similar to the Alienware sound center (in fact, may be the same software that Alienware re-brands).

I disabled the Realtek HD Audio on startup, rebooted and relaunched EZ-Builder. Still no squiggle on the speech recognition module:(

User-inserted image
Did you notice your Microsoft Speech Recognition is disabled?  I haven't read back through this whole thread, but was there a reason you disabled that?

when i used the microsoft speech for the first time.i had to follow a speech test.i needed to read some centens.
after the pc recog my voice,i could choose ,use my pc with my voice or not.i did choone not to use.
but after that the speech recog in ez builder worked.not before the test.
Good news,  I updated my computer again and now the Speech Recognition works.  I'm not sure what the update fixed, but it's great to talk to my robot again.  Thanks for the help.

User-inserted image