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Speech Recognition Not Working In Windows 10

Can someone help me with getting my speech recognition to work in Windows 10 on my new PC?  It works fine on an older windows 8 PC that I had been using.

I added the microphone control to the project to make sure that it hears the microphone.  That works. 

In the speech recognition configure menu, when I speak the levels tab on the side goes up and down.  So the microphone seems to be working.  I'm using an external microphone.

There isn't a line readout in the speech recognition control in the upper right corner as there is on my windows 8 version.  So I don'tbelieve the module is connecting  to the speech recognition part of microsoft.   No confidence number or anything.   This is what my project looks like:

User-inserted image

When I open microsoft word, I'm able to get the dictation working.  So I believe the speech recognition part of microsoft works, but it doesn't appear to connect to ez-robot.

Any help would be appreciated.  I've been struggling with this for a few days.

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AI Support Bot
Hello There! I'm a bot. Bip. Boop. I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
mayby you can try this.1 save project in cloud 2 delete ez builder 3 delete browser historie 4 reboot pc 5 download ez builder.
the red line is good.mine is same .and when click on it becomes green.i use a separt usb mic.
DJ - yes I still use the others but I had certain functionality tied to this plugin.  I had it set up to activate Bing SR so the bot wasn't constantly responding to me. Always different ways to do stuff though.

Nomad - no more installing and uninstalling for me. I've kinda moved on from the problem. Thanks though.

Perry, I’m going to revisit the code again and see what I can find. Might have to get you to try a few apps for me. Wonder if ptp has any thoughts on this?
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original thread with the question:

I witnessed the same behavior but it's random and sometimes is not immediately. I tried to follow up the issue with Perry but he had no time and it seems he moved on e.g. (gave up). 

short story: 
I have two Intel NUCs (I7 and I5) both have windows 10, the NUC i7 slows down the environment (foreground applications) when the screen is off (idle after a few minutes) although i have all the power savings OFF the exception is the save screen / screen off. I've tried different patches, i changed different registry settings and the only way is to disable the save screen and keeping on the monitors  (burning) the other NUC i5 has the same windows 10 version, the same Intel tools (different drivers) and no issues. Windows 10 is the common element... I blame Intel ! 

Returning to the initial discussion:

If we combined all users we have Perry, Will, Abrown, bigjake620.

I wrote some test code but I'll need someone able to reproduce the issue to run the tests.
@ptp, I can see the audio device and sound wave produced by my external mic with your audio tool box plug in. But, I get nothing in the native speech recognician.  Greyed out and no wave form. It does not respond to my commands. Various computers with various versions of Windows 10 updates either work or don't work. I have 3 laptops, and two desktops. 

User-inserted image
I've read the older thread.  This seems like a strange bug.  I've tried changing my region an my speech to en_GB, but still haven't gotten the Speech Recognition to work.  I still am not getting a line chart in the Speech recognition. The Bing Speech Recognition works well, but it's annoying having to hit the 'Start Recording' every time you want to issue a command.  
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