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Speech Recognition

i'm working on a speech recognition software on that have the ability to answer you like jarvis in iron man film i wanted to know if there is a way i could install this software on the ez b


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Using telnet to send the response in to ARC via script commands and variables is probably your best bet, that's how I do it now. Basically, set up in the connection dialogue to allow remote connections and script interface then via telnet on the port specified send the script command.

I do it this way through eventghost and python. My simple python script simply sends the EZ-Script commands to ARC, ARC has scripts which watch for variables and act accordingly.

Although, you could use HTTPGet and set up your vb software to work through a simple http api type interface (a previous method of mine, but it was too messy).

Although what's wrong with running your vb software alongside ARC? I also run vox commando alongside ARC as it takes care of a lot more than just ARC. The load on the cpu is minimal (although I guess it helps that I have 6 cores to play with but even 2 cores shouldn't struggle if your code is optimised)


@rich can you please upload a video showing how to make this and i wanted to know if ez robot have computer vision application that will help the ez robot to understand the images and stuff around it so it can know the difference between the cup and bottle and know that it have to hold the cup and the bottle and put water in the cup from the bottle

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@toymaker has used a similar method (I believe) on the robot he is building, have a look at this topic (and his other topics, just check his user details).

Also, have a read of this topic.

In fact, if you search for the term Telnet it should bring up a whole bunch of topics with some useful information in them.

I can't do any new videos at the moment since I've just upgraded my HTPC and am in the process of moving the entire "brain" of my Jarvis AI on to it's own dedicated PC, something I didn't expect to take as long as it is, but basically it means I am unable to show much of it other than what I've already videoed - check my youtube playlist for videos (note: very few show ARC running in the background)


If you're using, then you can include the ez-sdk


If you want something more intelligent, use KINECT with EZ :)



Here's a very detailed video by DJ that's related to Rich's telnet solution:

DJ Telnet connections

I'm working on a solution to connect with ARC with a Kinect for Windows.

However for speech recognition, there's already a well written control in ARC under the Project menu

Project>add Controls>Speech>Speech Recognition


@Robothacker , Hi I see that the community has been able to answer your questions and found some pretty detailed videos! Could you mark this thread as answered? Thank you and happy building - Josh