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Soundboard (Pc)

What is the Soundboard (PC) window for? There is no editor. Obviously I want to choose this one rather than (V4) because the sound is better. I want my robot to dance to Vogue by Madonna.


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This Soundboard (PC) plays sound files through your computer sound card and what ever speaker system you can attach to it (or the computers own speaker).
But why is that a robotic function? There's no servo editor.
@Zxen Because sometimes we want to hear sound files (mp3) out the PC speaker instead of the ezb4 speaker... Ask anyone making an R2-D2 if soundboard PC is valuable or not... There are many r2-d2 mp3 sound files out there so playing them through you PC speakers really makes R2 come to life, don't you think?....

Also I am sure @Dave uses the Soundboard PC to play B9 phrases as well with Richard Tufeld's voice... You know, like... "Danger, Will Robinson"?...

Doesn't have to involve servos to be robotic. There is other uses for it as I have just mentioned...
Well, Er, Richard, ..no.:) I use the V4 soundboard and stream the sound files to the EZB. I have the sound mod installed where I soldered a 3.5 jack port so I can attach an external amp for a bigger sound.

However, Richard is correct. Some builders like to have the robot's sound come directly from the PC for what ever reason. If you have your PC mounted on the robot you can attach an external speaker to it and get a better sound that way instead of relaying on the little speaker of the EZB or going through the hassle of doing the sound mod I mentioned above. It's also a good way to preview the sound file before using it on the robot. ;)
@Dave, I stand corrected... I personally use the Sound board PC a lot in my projects as my PC isn't usually more than a few feet from my bots/projects...:) The point is, sound board PC definitely has it's uses...
Ok, so I'm right to assume that the Soundboard (EZB) is the only option that will work with servos dancing to music, and that I need to improve the speaker on the EZB if I want it louder?
Or script the dances with the soundboard (PC)...
User-inserted image


ControlCommand("Soundboard", Track_0)

ControlCommand("Auto Position", "AutoPositionAction", "Hands Dance")

ControlCommand("Auto Position", "AutoPositionAction", "Shimmy")

ControlCommand("Auto Position", "AutoPositionAction", "Happy Hands")

ControlCommand("Auto Position", "AutoPositionAction", "Summersault")
waitfor($AutoPositionStatus = 0)

ControlCommand("Auto Position", "AutoPositionAction", "Lunge Singing")

ControlCommand("Soundboard", Stop)

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If you want louder through the ez-b, then yes. Though I do understand where you are coming from with the idea of using soundboard(PC). I use a wireless speaker for my old wall-e, and syncing music would require careful coding, and no simple interface. Perhaps it's something DJ could look into!
@MazeHorizonTech I think you missed a new feature last year. In the Soundboard(EZB) if you click the EDIT button on a track, you can add markers that execute script commands when the music reaches that point, so it is very simple to synchronize music and movements or any other scriptable command. This is not available in Soundboard(PC).

@Dave Are you using the Obsidian board?
Hi Mac, no, not using any external soundboard. The mod I mentioned was a modification to the ezb itself. You need to solder in a 3.5 jack before it's on board amp. This way you can send a pure sound signal to a larger external amp and attach speakers to it. Look on this forum for the tutorial "Breaking Out the Sound ". You need good soldering skills and a little guts to do this mod. *eek*

EDIT: Here's the direct link:

Breaking out the sound from the EZB V4
I've got some chops, dude. Lol.
That's actually a relief. I couldn't figure out why another board was an advantage.