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A couple of us have been tossing around the idea of some sort of speed ramp. Speaking for myself, I'd like to have one for servo. Now I think this would have to be done in auto position, only for the fact that you would need some form of time reference. Say something like speed 20 to 15 over 3 seconds then speed 15 to 8 over 5 seconds, then full on 0 until the above is reversed or another speed ramp down is executed. I know this can be scripted, but how about implementing it as action in auto positioner or do it all in speed controller?

Possible DJ?


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Bump, Bump, Bump...... eek

Oh, sorry, I got a little excited there. I second Will's request. :)


Great idea Will! Anything with a motor would find it beneficial! Even "racecar" drivers need to ramp up and down! and so do EZ-Robots :) ................................ I third Will's request!


I have worked this out using C++ and am very new to Ez Script. It uses a WAVE Function to Calculate the curve over time. I have a project delivery this Friday so I will be slammed but I will try to see how I can bring the function into Ez Script.

Basically it uses

Servo ID (id of servo to move) a resolution ( this is in time. = ms) , this is how often i change the speed Distance to travel as integer (how many degrees to move servo ex. 30) Time in ms to reach the goal distance.

Passing this in would move the servo with ramp up from starting position and ramp down to end location.

I will try to dig that project out as it was many months and 100 projects ago.

I hope this is of some help.


Of course you have my vote.