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Smooth Servo Movements

I noticed that a lot of robots on here don't have fluid movements, rather very jerky and not dynamic. Is this due to mechanics, servo, programming or everything in between?


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Same problem here with servos. I tried reducing power but very difficult to do. I have tried a 90% setting and the servo crawls.


If I may chime in here. A while back DJ, increased the resolution from like 30 to 100. Originally he shot for higher resolution but after that software release, he released another update reducing it back to 100. Smoother motion comes from more steps per degree of motion. You will never get the smooth motion like you get from an rc controller at 100 steps. I hope if it's a hardware limitation that this will get an update on his next board.


Hmm I really don't like that- almost a deal breaker- almost. The other cool things more then make up for this limitation, let just hope an updated board/software will come out by the time I need to by the board.

Is there any work around to increase the resolution?


Yeah smooth motion is critical. Don't get me wrong it's waaaayyyy better than it was a 30 steps. Servos also jerk around when they are asked to move from one position to another quickly.

And there is no work around as far as I know.


@giga - set the servo Speed to a value of 3 or 4 to smooth the movement.