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Sleep Mode?

Hi , I am wondering if anyone has been able to set any of the ez robots into sleep mode and wake them with voice? I'm trying to build surveillance functions into robot and sleeping with voice commands would be great to save battery power.


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There isn't a "sleep" mode per se... Releasing servos will save power.... The ezb4 is pretty frugal anyway... with the camera attached it draws maybe 180mA.... You can always control the ezb4 with voice command because the computer is running the show and the ezb4 is always "listening"..... If you can use a larger capacity battery then that would be your best bet....


Use the Auto Release control:

That will release the servos after a set amount of time not being used.

Once released, the ezb only draws 180 mha - which will last for over a day on a full charge with the provided lipo batteries. they'll drain quick as you use it, however.


thanks for replies everyone , new here and I do like those Tutorials ! Lots or really great features to put to use ....having a blast :)


That's awesome! Thanks for the positive feedback :D