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Not Able To Connect To Wifi

After installing a new router in my home Im finding that I cant get jd to find the internet connection. I had one message that said something along the line of , no dns server found. The robot turns on like normal and shows up on my network list , the robot makes the system noise like its connecting but then stops and an error message comes up. Any...

How To Add Leg Servos To Jd And Get Them To Show Up In The Design Pictures

Im trying to add two more leg servos to jd . I can add the servo box in the motion control panel but I cant find any way to add the new servos to the design picture, or how to get the new servo ports in the port lists ?
After Closing Rgb Control It Comes Up Empty When Adding Again

After Closing Rgb Control It Comes Up Empty When Adding Again

I use jd without a head, I removed the rgb control from the project. When trying to add that...

Windows Phone App

Hi wondering if the windows phone mobile app is still coming?

Fast Charge

Hi Don here....thanks for past replies ! I have a power adapter that is rated at 4 amps out , came from telescope motor drive. It charges the ebv4 quickly. Is this going to hurt the lipo?

Sleep Mode?

Hi , I am wondering if anyone has been able to set any of the ez robots into sleep mode and wake them with voice? Im trying to build surveillance functions into robot and sleeping with voice commands would be great to save battery power.
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