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Size Of Ez-Robot Camera


Could someone please tell me what the size of the camera is after it has been taken out of its case including removal of the front lens surround?

Thanks heaps.

Rich & Phoebe
P.S. Sorry for this duplicate post.(in hardware section)


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I'll measure precisely tonight, but it is around 1" wide znd less tvan 2" long.

A little bigger 1.5 wide 1 in tall without stand 2.5 long. Still small though.
Would 2 of them fit into the U-Command Wall-E Head?
G'day Alan and jstarne1,

Thanks but don't think it's going to be small enough, as it is going to be mounted next to Wall-e's eye socket and not in his eye.
I have had this micro camera for ages and will give it a try (works fine in the ARC Control Software. and has a 400 feet range.

User-inserted image

Specs are:
Camera Dimension : 25.75 X 22.03 X 22.25mm
Camera Weight : 20g
Image Pickup : 1/3
Format : NTSC or PAL
Scan Frequency : NTSC: 60Hz, PAL: 50Hz
Min. illumination : 2 Lux
Resolution : 380TV lines
Output Type : Color TV output
Output Power : 50 mW
Output Frequency : 2400 mHz (2.4 GHz)

Came with:
SpyCam miniature camera @ 2.4 Ghz
Video Cable to Connect TV/VCR/Camcorder
9 Volt Battery Adapter + FREE 9V Battery
Power DC Adapters for both the Camera + Receiver

Needed to get one of these, Easycap USB 2.0 audio video capture device.

User-inserted image

P.S. keep an eye out for a the weekend
Such a micro camera sends its signal over wifi, if Im not wrong.
Is it possibe to receive the video of the camera directly on the laptop?
Or is it maybe even possible to let the micro camera connect over wifi to your router and upload the video, so if a burglar breaks into your house and even destroyes your router etc. you still will have the videos until that moment saved online?

The only thing you need to know for sure is if the capture device above will be seen by windows as a webcam device. I have a Diamond One-Touch Video Capture VC500 device simular to the one above. It did not work with ARC. I think it has to do with the drivers and how the device is seen by the operating system. I have to use the Diamond proprietary software to make it work for video capture. Unless someone has tested this, i would say it is not a guarantee that it will work. I have the camera DJ advertises and it works very well.



Hi Kevin,

Well I will try it first as the size of the EZ-B Camera is just to large and won't fit as I have already stated and also the video is clear as day with my mini 2.4 ghz camera in the EZ-B software, this camera can also be used as a web cam so it should work.
It has nothining to do with not wanting to purchase DJ's camera. This is for a scale model of Wall-e with over 20 servos not a plastic toy converted.

Glad your capture device is working for EZ-B. I may get some of the ones you show above if they work with ARC as I have two of the cameras you show above. My problem with those little cameras is not the range but the interference from other RF and when I don't have good line of sight between the receiver and transmitter.

Depending on how you enclose it you may want to do some testing as that antenna is tiny. I would be interested to see how it works out for you. They are really small cameras and the video is not too bad. We use the cameras for our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, which is where we run little wooden cars down a track and found for best results you need to keep the line of sight.

Understand your size limitation for the camera...those things are very small. For others, I will say that the camera DJ found does have great range even through walls and stuff.

Best of Luck! Can't wait to see more of you and your daughters project! Its looking great!


Richies rc , based on.the size of your bot I don't see any reasons why dj cam won't fit inside once the case and outside lenses cover is removed. I gave measurments of outside of the cam on accident , the insides significantly smaller especially if you remove battery and power directly from your robot.

Thanks Kevin,

There are many differant types of these systems but from the outside they all look very much the same. I learned about them with my radio control hobby/business and are used mainly for FPV(First Person View) this is where the unit is mounted in your model(mostly RC planes and Helicopters) and instead of flying using your own eyes(looking at your model from the ground) you fly using either a video screen or special goggles. These camera units are also available in 900mhz so they can be used with 2.4ghz radios without any interference. The range on many of the new 900mhz units is well over one km so you would not be able to see your bird, only from your monitor or goggles(just like being in the cockpit).

Anyway I will give it a try once the EZ-B controller arrives seeing I have it just lining around.

Phoebe and I will take some photos later today of Wall-e's progress. His body is totally finished and are in the middle of drawing up his arms and head/neck.

Rich & Phoebe


If possible would you be able to give me those sizes?

User-inserted image

Rich & Phoebe