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Latest submissions

Permanent Buzzing Sound From Ez-Bv4's Speaker

Permanent Buzzing Sound From Ez-Bv4s Speaker

1.) Switching power on 2.) Normal starting sound 3.) From there on permanent buzzing of the speaker Is this normal?
Polymorph: Which Coloring Substance Is Recommended?

Polymorph: Which Coloring Substance Is Recommended?

Which coloring powder or other way to color Polymorph do you recommend the most? Which properties should the colering...

Import Duty & Taxes For Ez-Robot Revolution Jd

This site helps a lot to see which duty and taxes could be charged in the worst case. Import duty & taxes for EZ-Robot Revolution JD 20,7% for Germany :( Argh. Isnt there some way to be set free of this? I buy this robot mainly to show my pupils in school the fun of programming and mathematics. (And to play with JD at home myself, wait, I mean...

Charger For Jd In Eu/German Layout Possible?

Is it possible to order the Revolution JD and get it with the EU/German Charger-Layout, So I dont need an adapter to use it?
Blunt Hands For Jd

Blunt Hands For Jd

Can the simple, blunt hands that can be seen in this video be bought? Edit: Link fixed

European Reseller?

Is there any Reseller for the ez-robot products in Europe? I live in Germany, would like to get the JD robot and 1-2 EZ-Kits, but atm I am afraid, that the toll fees would be tremendous, if the items are sent from outside an EU-state. Does anyone know a good solution for the matter?


Since I became old today (30) I decided to finally ask some questions that I wanted to ask since a while. Solving the first good intent in the new year of life^^ 1.) Is it still possible to build your own kit? Already ordered the developer kit, but I will probably only need heavy duty servos all the time. Cant find the following: "Under the...
Which Camera Model Is In The Current Developer Kit ?

Which Camera Model Is In The Current Developer Kit ?

Which model of the camera is currently in the developer kit? The older one with the blue chassis or the newer one...

How To Let A Robot Locate My Position

Hi there, what would be the best solution if you want your robot to recognice and follow you? Radio? A keyed bluetoothsignal? I want to build a robot that follows me in a certain distance. Maybe something similar to a wall-e, so I can put my shoppings into him^^ Im happy for any good suggestion and even more for a complete robokit ;)
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