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Six Unboxing Video 9.9.14

Uploading a six unboxing video , stay tuned while youtube uploads and approves the video.

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Now that's a sexy box...:D


It gets sexier when you take the box off .:)

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Unboxing six ez robot , sneak video at work:

teaser unboxing but i kept getting questions asked with interested co workers. I will upload a video with a tripod and take everything out of the box.


Yea, but what does it do? That question took hours to answer I bet. I love that question because I love it when people realize the potential and you see the light bulb click on. I got to see that with my 25 students on Monday. It was really cool to see. I wish I had that moment on video.

Great video and thank you very much for posting it.


You guys let me down! I was totally expecting a video like this:

Just kidding! Welcome to the Revolution! :-)


@Stika.... LOL.... I am pretty sure that guy messed himself... :D


I am so gonna do that when we unbox the ones for the class. Thanks for the idea @Stika!

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@Richard I thought the same thing...


I also think that guy gets as excited over trains as much as nomad18 does over boxes....:P


Lol , i will do better one so that i have a tripod and not interuptions and show all the individual parts as well. Promise;)


Haha can't wait guys!


I work for Amtrak so I run into train enthusiasts pretty regularly. They are very dedicated to their hobby and that level of excitement seeing old or rare rolling stock is not that unusual.

We actually have a good partnership with the "train spotters". We have been warned of track hazards and trespassers, some who were certainly criminals and potentially terrorists (the outcome of the cases is above my pay grade) by our enthusiastic community.


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What happened to the video? "The video has been removed by the user"


Maybe Josh is making a new vid?


Josh, I am glad you received your new SIX. You have been helpful around the forum for some time. The new SIX looks great, thanks for sharing. Steve S


Hey , I got a generic email saying it was removed because it contained copywritten content. Wierd , maybe the back ground music?


Probably was the background music. Google/youtube will automatically recognize the music and for some publiahers (Sony I am sure of) they'll take down the video before being asked. Other publishers allow some royalty free use, or have arrangements with Google/YouTube to pay them performance royalties as a percentage of the ad revenue the page genrates.

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I thought they just muted the audio track or restricted countries (where required) and threw on adverts to any matched audio, at least that's what they have done to mine (which is why some of my videos are unavailable in Germany - Not sure why Germany dislikes Highway to the Dagerzone but they do).

Just seen my Six has been moved to shipped so hopefully early next week (or maybe even this weekend) my unboxing video will surface:) I can't promise the same level of excitement as the train enthusiast or even the same level as Nomad and his boxes but I'm sure it'll be exciting... I guess I need to clean the house so the videos don't have my messy living room in the background... Oh yeah, and then it's on - the six dance off challenge will begin!:)


Youtubes agreements on how to deal with copyrighted work varies by publisher and country. My wife made some videos of our mountain biking set to music, and none are available in Germany but play fine in the US.



Yes everyone who gets a Six should make an unboxing video ! It increases exposure for Ez- Robot.


I love that you posted this video! And I am very happy you like the box. I also think it is a sexy box, and I would LOVE to see some more unboxing videos. :D