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Resolved Resolved by Nomad 6R!

Six Hexapod Versions


I just found a Revolution Six Hexapod for sale, new in unopened box.

Is there an older version of Six?
If there is, how would I know if its a new or old version without opening the box?


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i think the new version has HDD servo and second version ezbv4.
@Nomad 6R

So it might have the SD servos, I can deal with that.
But did the the earlier versions come with an ezb v3 or some sort of different controller?

If it did, whats the diff between v3 and v4?
google doesnt seem to know.
all six has ezbv4 as far i know.

the new ezbv4/2
it seems there are stil six on sale with the old servo's .recognized by color wires.
newer wire are 2 white and 1 black color.ask for pictures off the box from seller.

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