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Single Connectors For Multiple Servos?

Hello All

I need some advice. My B9 robot has multiple servos running a variety of components. Occasionally I need to disconnect everything to do some maintenance. In order to avoid disconnecting each servo line I was thinking of using something like this (see below) to consolidate my connections.

Seem reasonable?



BTW any suggestions on other methods would be great :-)
User-inserted image


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That would work fine as long as you don't get them backwards and there all separate. Could you give a link?
Thanks Technopro

Do you mean a link to the vendor or my project? I think the vendor was an RC hobbyist company. I don't have an image of my build up. Essentially the H bridges are the challenge. Multiple signal wires to the EZ board. I think the solution above will work.

@Mulberry ...Technopro has a very good point . White out would make a good paint on designator!:)