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United Kingdom
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Shop Re-Opening?


*Note: Due to unexpected demand, our webstore is out of stock until March 1st. In the meantime, our retail stores do have stock.

I just wanted to ask as I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket, with EZ Robot's name on it. Any news on the shop being on schedule to re-open today?


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@Steve... LOL.... you mean store credit burning a hole in your pocket... At the rate you have been answering questions, you're on fire dude....!:D And ez bucks rich...:P
United Kingdom

Lol, I like answering questions if I can as I like to help out, and it helps me learn too. Only got $27 credit, but got a few hundred beer tokens I've been putting away to spend here and I'm itching to spend it :P.
Should be online tonight or tomorrow:)
@Steve.... Beer or ez robot stuff.... tough call....:D

@DJ, alright but I am already out on the street looking for a fix and it will be your fault if I get arrested trying to score some EZ Robot stuff from an undercover police women ...:P
United Kingdom

Brilliant. Thanks DJ.:)


You know it. But EZ-Robot always seems to win out.:P
I am itchin to buy 2 V4's for my next build. I understand where Steve G is coming from:)

i see in store two pack wheels 10 dollar
also i see rotation servo whit wheel included 20 dollars
so thats 3 dollar for the wheel.

so how come the two pack cost 10 dollars 5 dollar per wheel.
United Kingdom

Its $5 a wheel, not $3. A "Continuous rotation servo" (what comes with the wheel) on its own is $15. What I think your looking at is a "Rotational servo" ($17) which is not a continuos 360 servo, but a 180 servo. So the wheel that comes with a servo is actually $5.
whats new in chop.
cant see it
Ok, what happened to Adventure bot? Must be out on an adventure....:)
United Kingdom
I thought the same thing. They must be finalising some details or something.
@Rich... Wonder why they took it down altogether?..... Ez Robot could have left it up saying something like "Coming Soon" and then just remove the add to cart button....
United Kingdom
Shame. I was just going to get one too :(. What's the word on availability guys? Will it be available soon?
Maybe we need to start a petition thread.... "Bring back the Adventure Bot"..... "We want the Adventure Bot"! :)
We took it down because there are no matching photos for the new look "yet". Also, we are finalizing a few details with packaging:)
United Kingdom
That's cool. New look eh. Sounds interesting. How long do you reckon it will be before its in the shop DJ?
and new stuff Gps, accelerometer, ect
I'm hoping by the end of this week
United Kingdom
Excellent. Fingers crossed. Thanks DJ.:)

will the end part chest servo also availeble in the chop.

User-inserted image
Hahaha @nomad - you REALLY want that shoulder bracket hey? Did you break yours?
@nomad, email aislinn through Contact Us and request a replacement. We can send you one:)
no i didn break any.its for my new project i need extra for it.
Glad to hear the Adventure Bot is incoming.

Just got a few extra servos and parts from the Garage Sale (cart before the horse).

Would have felt real silly if the product disappeared. *eek*:D
@Orangejoe... That would be very cruel if ez robot was "dangling the carrot" with the Adventure bot..... *eek*
What so you think of the new shop page? And is the wording enticing for ppl to buy? Always curious of what you all think about the marketing we do...

And what suggestions you may habe
Personally the new pics and or web page actually is really awesome in my opinion.... My girlfriend on the other hand is standing over my shoulder saying she's not feeling the black background but understands the contrast needed because of the white coloured robots... She is the artsy type who prefers a more colourful appearance.... She also isn't going to be buying any ez robots so take that with a grain of salt ... LOL:P
... and now she's mad at me... *eek*

@DJ... Seriously, the ez robot website is looking more and more professional as time goes on.... everyone one here craves more of your products ... I think we need to clone you :D
United Kingdom

I got one really like the new look. The drop down descriptions are pretty neat too. If I could make a smell suggestion, it would be on the "Robot Kits" page. The revolution bots look great with the new background colour scheme, but the dev kit could do with a bit of colour to match the rest. But that's the only criticism I have. The new videos are great too.

Does it entice me to buy? Well I placed an order within an hour of the shop re-opening, and waiting patiently to place a second one for the infamous Adventure Bot and a few bits. So to answer the question... Yep, it sure does.

All in all, yes my friend, the shop looks absolutely great. Nice job.:)
United Kingdom
It's come a long way since the days of this (although there's nothing at all wrong with this!);

User-inserted image

Personally I love the new darker feel for the robots pages in the shop but I'm a fan of light on dark.
is it the first page only thats bin changed?
i dont see any new parts.
@nomad.... That's because there isn't any new parts listed yet... DJ has mentioned possibly by the end of this week...

yes offcourse i forgot that.
aislinn made it possible to get the endparts choulder 6x.:D
@Nomad... sounds good... don't forget to show us what you making later...

now am looking for the wright case.
i post pics and video when its reddy.
will take some time do.
Feedback on shop pages-

When I click "Shop" the background displayed under the shop by category images is light gray. Firefox 36.0 on Windoze

The "JD" text looks good in blue but the price is almost invisible in white and the description loads in medium gray, again almost invisible on a light gray background.

I'm fairly certain I clicked again on "Robot Kits" after the "Shop" page loaded as I did not realize the kits were already at the bottom of the screen due to the low contrast of these items.

Also note that only the "Robot Kits" page starts off with a product right away, all other pages start with black text cluing you in to the fact that you have arrived at your destination, ie. if you click "Power" the first thing you see on the bottom half of the screen in big black text is "Revolution - Power", if you click "Sensors" the first thing you see at the bottom half of the screen in big black letters is "Revolution - Sensors ", etc.

A note on "Find a Retailer".

This is a frustrating exercise which I went through before I found out there was no Adventure Bot to be found anywhere. Does any retailer stock parts? I have no clue what each carry before I click, or if one is closer to me than another.

Why would I pick one retailer over the other? Maybe a simple zip code search or real time stock count (if they are meant to be stocking dealers) would help so I don't pull my hair out and order from a competitor.

Clicks come at a premium.

Orange, we are much too small to have inventory of our retaillers - also, they are usually much to small :). Currently, you will have to shop the stores of the other retailers to find our product - unless we provide a direct link.

As for the shop page - sounds as if your web browser has cached artifacts. F5 is the usual refresh button, I would recommend using it when a page is updated :). That's how the Internet works with caching to help you pages load quicker.

Hope that helps!
Every site on the Internet is cached. There are devices all over the Internet that cache sites so that a full trip to the source location isn't needed a large majority of the time. Your router may be caching also. Your computer probably is. Pretty much every device from your pc to the store has some level of caching happening. As mentioned, if something doesn't look right, a F5 will normally get it because whatever device that had an old cache will have had time to have updated it's cache from the previous devices cache.

Without this, the internet would be dog slow.
United Kingdom

Yeah, you nailed it. The Robot Kit page looks fantastic now with the dev kit's matching colour scheme. Looking seriously cool and "even more" professional now than before. *cool*

User-inserted image
thanks! I did that last night - while deciding if the shop page should be black still. I'm not fully convinced yet about the black background
United Kingdom
I'm a huge fan of light on dark, it's easier on the eyes and better still, it's easier to hide from the boss at work since I use CAD all day which is a black background:)
United Kingdom

Perhaps making the writing font a slightly darker shade or colour, like grey, may help (mainly talking about the Dev Kit). Just a thought as I can read it fine, but others may struggle. I still love the dark background, as Rich said, it's easier on the eyes, and looks pretty slick. I hope you don't change it.;)
United Kingdom
I've gotta ask as I know a there's a few of us that are wondering... any update on the Adventure Bot release date yet?
I cleared cookies and the shop page is looking good with the black background.

White text on black background is great for visibility on larger fonts (think fast food menu board).

Looking good.
is the gyro to be seen in the chop?