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United Kingdom
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Shipping Time To Uk?


I finally got around to ordering my EZB this weekend (thanks to the 20% sale), so now my Hearoid can once again be brought to life (once I collect it from the guy I bought it off).

Anyway, I was just wondering how long shipping takes to the UK?


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Our shipping time is between 4-5 business days. Some people receive theirs in 2-3 days, others 4-5 days. It depends on the magic of the mysterious delivery industry:)
United Kingdom
Thanks. Now that's fast shipping! I was expecting it to take a couple of weeks... I'll probably get the EZ-B before the Hearoid then, which will give me chance to play with the ez-b...
Hi rich , what are your plans for hearoid?
United Kingdom
See my introduction post at http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=2279

Basically, Hearoid has no control unit so is not going to be much use to man nor beast at the moment.

Originally planned to do the whole Wall-e thing as Omnibot (my original first idea) wasn't coming up on eBay. Then they did so I got one of them too... he is in very good condition so I don't want to hack him apart... then the seller of the Omni tells me he has a Hearoid too, so that's why it's Hearoid. I still have a Wall-E U-Command waiting to be hacked too (project #2, if project #1 goes well)

Autonomous house pet to put it very briefly. It's more a project to test me, to get involved in something that's currently beyond me, a challenge both in the construction and in the programming/controlling.

I'll be documenting the entire project once I get the kit and the Hearoid (who is waiting for me to collect him).

This is project #1, I have plans for future projects too but starting relatively small and working my way up.
United Kingdom
Hi Rich. My order arrived a touch over two weeks after it was shipped. This included the delay in paying/processing the 14 import tax. Good luck with the project :)
United Kingdom
Mine is here, was waiting for payment yesterday and now with courier for delivery... Shame I haven't got the hearoid yet though but at least I can play with the ezb side of it all hopefully tonight/tomorrow. 11 tax for me... Not too bad.

Man, why do I have to work? Missed the delivery so wont have it until tomorrow, but that's still super fast! Ordered after some other stuff from a UK based online shop and it gets here before that!..
United Kingdom
how do you go about paying the import tax guys? do they just call you up and ask for credit card details? or do you just pay the delivery dude?
here they send you a text sms with a code.then you go to there site and pay.
after that you can choose when to diliver.dhl
United Kingdom
ohhh right but i put down a landline phone number not a mobile number do i need to put mobile number then?
rich is from your country ,he will now.
United Kingdom
They text you with details. Or you can put your waybill number into their epayments system at https://epayments.dhl.co.uk/

Your waybill number should be on your order details on here.