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Setting Servo Speed For An Auto Position

Hello everyone.

I am looking for some scripting help. I would like to set a servo speed, or even better, an incremental servo speed to all the servos in the Auto Position selections I use in a script. Instead of adjust speed for each servo individually.
Is this possible?

I am using 2 auto positions from 2 boards.

The reason I would like this is after the script executes the auto positions the servos really move fast/snap back quick when another script executes other auto positions.

I have used an Initt script in the Connection control upon start up which works well to set everything in the beginning.

This is for an Inmoov . I have the head, look at the hand when offered something in one script and then look at the other hand after in a different script. The head really snaps to the second position quickly.

Thanks for any help. Please let me know if I need to clarify.


ControlCommand("Board 0", AutoPositionFrameJump, "S-")
ControlCommand("Left Hand - Board 3", AutoPositionFrameJump, "S- Left Hand")
ControlCommand(" Release board 3 left hand", PauseOn)


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See Setting servo speeds and Initialization Script Tutorial’

*Note: To initialize the ServoSpeed() at first use, set a Servo() position before using the ServoSpeed() command. If there is no previous position (such as during power-on), the software assumes the position is 0 and will cause issues with your robot.

Thanks Cem,
See Setting servo speeds and Initialization Script Tutorial’

Already did that with the Initt .

I think I have read all the tutorials.
Press the ? (Question mark) on the Auto Position control to read the manual. This is a very important step when wanting to learn more about a control.

Set the speeds for each frame of the Auto Position action to -1

Read the manual to notice that -1 means "do not set the speed". Also, The Robot Program has a great episode on using the Auto Position that we spent a lot of effort and time on.

Before executing the Auto Position action with ez-script, set the speed of each servo.
Thanks DJ,

I have read all the question marks.

I was hoping not to set the speed for every servo for every script.
You can make a script that sets the speed for every servo of a variable :).
That is awesome, Thanks very much DJ. I'll post a video when I get it up and running.