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Servos For Hero 1

Hi all

In my on-again/off-again Hero 1 reburb project I've given up on trying to use the stepper motors for the steering, head and arms. Can someone suggest a good sized servo or setup to use for these? The steering motor shaft is pretty big (larger than 1/4" at least).



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Send pictures so we can look at what you have to connect to .

Ron R


I don't think servos will cut the mustard. I have a Hero1 myself. I think it should be possible to get stepper motor controllers for those motors. What have you tried?


Google invenscience or torxis. Expensive stuff but you will never burn one of these out. I'm currently using them for neck pan and tilt. Way way overkill, but again will never have an issue with them


Sorry for not getting back sooner. Work and all. Attached is the stepper I would like to replace. It has a 9mm dia. shaft. I've tried the L298 board with no luck. Those torxis motors are huge! Might be a little overkill for me though.

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L298 board will not work with steppers. You need a motor controller specifically designed for steppers.

Sorry I can't provide a link right now, but if you search the forums, I believe Jeremie recommended a board that works with EZ-B that was good for stepper motors. Or, easier, just use the servos that Richard linked above.



Would that be the A4988?


Lol funny enough I recommended the L298, as it can work with steppers. You just need to pulse the coils in the right sequence. You'll have to use one channel per stepper coil. The L298 can do 2A per coil which is enough to handle some decent sized steppers.

Here's that thread

Yes the A4988 is a good choice as well, it's a very popular stepper driver

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I am also working on a Hero rebuild, and found that I could drive the same motor from an L298 motor driver board with no issues. See my blog here ( I have pictures of the setup.

The big issue you will have is the actual steering...since every time you turn on the robot, where ever the stepper is it considers home. You will have to make limit switches and then use a homing routine to keep this in check...even with that, it will steer a little crooked unless you keep the stepper powered during movement (which builds heat like crazy).

I am investigating a 1/4 scale servo right now to make the job easier.



A good quarter scale servo to try might be the Hite hs805, is good for over 343oz of torque.


I just posted up some pictures on my blog with the mount for the 1/4 scale servo I just mounted tonight on my Hero Junior. I gave it temporary power through the EZB and it moved very smoothly. I will have to slow it down though...too quick for the old robot to comfortable take corners with!


Just a thought.I would replace the free running wheels with dc motors with wheels and install a caster in place of steering stepper motor. This is what I did for my Hero jr Moshi.You can see pics in my profile.



What size/type coupler did you use for the connection? Thanks


I just found this computer chronicles video of the hero 1... i really want one some day!


I'm working on my third one. I got them by good old fashion horsetrading. This one I've stripped all the original boards out and am working on re-doing it with EZ-Robot.