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For Sale: Hero 1 Ezb And Electronics Lot

For Sale: Hero 1 Ezb And Electronics Lot

Please delete if not allowed. I've got my Hero 1 Robot project for sale. It includes Heathkit Hero 1 Robot. All original boards are stripped...
Servos For Hero 1

Servos For Hero 1

Hi all In my on-again/off-again Hero 1 reburb project I've given up on trying to use the stepper motors for the steering, head and arms. Can someone suggest a good sized servo or setup...

Hero 1 Parts

Hi all I didn't think I'd be gone for long after selling my EZ v3 and toys. Right now I'm implementing Arduino's on the farm to monitor and run the greenhouse. I just ordered a v4 kit and am going to put it on an old Hero 1 Chassis. Would anybody be interested in the old guts that came out of the hero? I've got all boards, wiring harness, memory...

Great Service

I've gotta brag on you guys in EZ-Company! I had an issue with part. You shipped out a replacement from Canada yesterday and I received it here in Tennessee today. DHL even called and delivered it to my office! I don't think I've EVER had service this good. Thanks! :D

Motor Wiring?

I'm wiring my hero robot to be controlled by the ezb v4. Attached is a schematic of my v4 showing how it will be hooked up. My drive motor is a 12v dc to be controlled by an H-bridge. My steering motor is a 4 wire stepper motor. Does this look correct? Thanks Mikeezwiring.pdf

Ez-Robot Bundle For Sale

Hi folks! I've got my Ez-Robot Kit and bundle of Bots up for sale on Ebay. The Listing is: I wish I had more time to tinker but we just bought a farm so I'll be busy elsewhere. This will certainly be the ultimate starter bundle! Thanks DJ for such a great product. Here's the Link
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