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I need help I want to buy the ezb but I want to know what part I will need to connect many servos to my ezb :D


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Dude, you just plug the servos directly into the EZB board... Just like you would a toaster into a wall socket... It's that easy, nothing else is needed... :D... Just realized your 11 years old... Ok, it's very simple... the servo comes with a 3 wire plug... all you have to do is plug the 3 wire servo wire into any of the EZb's 24 ports. Just make sure the plug is the right way around... Meaning, the + wire on the servo to the + pin on the ezb and the - wire of the servo to the - pin on the EZb... and that's it...

South Africa

I just ask this question because I found a servo controller board online and it did not have much information on what it does so I thought I might have to buy that but thanks for the reply


I expanded my answer above... sorry didn't realize you were 11... My apologies:)... So, yeah, you don't need anything else... just a servo and the ezb board... the servo plugs straight into to any of the ezb 24 digital ports... Just make sure the positive pin on the ezb connects to positive servo wire and negative pin to the negative servo wire...


press LEARN button ubove.then choose hardware tutorials.first what you see is ez-b4.

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I know a lot of 11 year olds that are more savvy then me. It's like they are born with a micro chip installed in their brain. ;)

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The best advice I can give you is to start where I started when I knew nothing about robots, controllers, EZ-B or ARC... and that is by watching the EZ-BoxBot videos. These explain how easy it is to use the EZ-B and what it does, what is required etc.

I posted a link to the video tutorial playlist in this topic earlier. It should give you an idea of what the EZ-B is and why you don't need to even think about any of the other controller boards, addons, etc.


Dude I started off the same as you. Im a little older but it's a great experience. If you have questions these guys will help you.