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Servopluse Possible Script Command Request?

As we know ez robot servos seem to be able to travel a full 180deg range... However Hitec (and other servos) don't... @DJ I was wondering if we sent specific pulses to the large scale hitecs (instead of using the basic servo command) if we could stretch them to 180deg?... For instance a new servo I am using for inMoov claims it can do 180deg, but using the servo command in ARC only nets about 160 maybe... Could a new servo pulse command, something like below be used to get these servos to increase their rotational angle?

ServoPulse(D0,1500) #neutral position

Here is the stats on the servo I am trying to use. These are large scale servos by the way or else I would just use ez robot servos instead and not bother with them...

FS6535M Giant Scale servo Motor (CW Rotation)

Command signal: Pulse width modification: Amplifier type: Digital Controller impulse width range(standard): 900~2100 µsec Neutral position: 1500 µsec Rotation angle(standard): CW 90±5° Left/right rotation angle difference: Angle difference of R/L <10° Rotation direction: Clockwise (when 1000~2000 µsec) Back to middle deviation: <1°: Dead band width: <10µsec: Resolution: 4±2µsec


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this would be pretty cool!


That's a good suggestion for the next ezb revision. Or, an IoTiny firmware update.

The ezb v4 does not have firmware upgrade ability due to size constraints on the pcb. We would have to make it larger.

An ssc32 might be handy for your needs


@DJ.... Thanks that would be great if possible down the road... I thought about using the ssc32 (again) but I wanted this inMoov to use ez robot hardware only .... The ssc-32 somehow just seems "clunky" compared to the ezb4 or ioTiny... Currently I am using three ioTinys and one ezb4 x/2 and it's working flawlessly...:)

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Richard, just for curiosity is there any reason your looking at the FS6535M rather than the 805BB or T-80 Servo's, which I believed you used on your first InMoov? Looking at the costs their similar.



@cem Yes, they are a bit slower but produce 50% more torque... They are also all metal gear, easier to hack and are cheaper than the Hitecs ... I get them for $36 each Canadian if you buy 10 or more... Hitecs are are around $47...


Sorry to bring this thread back up :-)

I'm new into the world of robotics, EZB, RC servo's, .....

So I've bought the FS6535M too, for about the same reasons as Richard posted just above. What I didn't know that the 180° stretch....... wasn't able in combination with EZB. That's a bummer........

Since this is a older topic, maybe there is a solution available this time for this problem?

Have fun with your robotisc everyone.