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Servo/Robot Magazine

How come I never see anything regarding EZ- robot in either of these 2 magazines? servo or Robot magazine. They seem to cater to the arduino crowd. Just wondering? Chris


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There will hopefully be an article or feature on the new Revolution products in the next few months!
Trust in DJ's team. Once the V4 goes live I'm sure there will be LOTS of coverage.
Hopefully they can get the attention of a magazine or two before the holidays:)
I have subscribed to both of them and I never see anything I like. I don't like fighting robots. I like robots that are our friends and helpers. But this month's (Oct) issue servo had a GREAT article on Machine Intelligence written by John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal. They are the authors of ROBOT BASIC. It was a really good article. I hope that RICH reads it and applys it to the EZB. Most of the time there is no MEAT (that's what I call it) in them, just sales ads that we all have seen a million times.

I really should subscribe to some real magazines. I spend too much time on the interwebs
I have always wanted to try those magazines written in the UK. There is a bunch of hobby robot building going on over there. But they are so far away. I thought it would be interesting to read some of them.

Josh, it is funny you should say that, because of the the names of the magazines is:ULTIMATE REAL ROBOTS
Jason has been busy contacting everyone we can, so I would expect articles or reviews in a few of the most magazines and blogs in the future!
The BIG problem with most of those magazines is that you can have wonderful news but they won't print it unless you PAY for a BIG AD. You AD would be on the page facing the article so people could buy your product. It is not about news, it is about them making money on you. And, that's ok. But, that is how it works. In my humble opinion. So, no AD no article.
Mel, what robot magazines in the uk do you subscribe too?
I don't subscribe to any from the UK. I have just saw some ads for them. I just subscribe to servo and ROBOT Magazine. But, they have one call REAL ROBOTS I understand.
United Kingdom
Real Robots was a fortnightly partworks magazine by Eaglemoss started in September 2001, it enabled the reader to build a robot called "Cybot" and later another called "Tom", this publication was released in several countries. I still have a couple of complete Cybots here in my attic!

I was part of this at the later end of the series where I was a consultant to Eaglemoss.

The publication was finished some years ago.


I have had articles on my robots in both servo and Robot magazines, these are really good publications. I have just linked DJ to servo magazine, so I am hoping that we will see a Revolution article in servo magazine in the next few months.

Was it this little dude made from what looks like is a mac computer?
User-inserted image
That's him. But, he was a kit. If you do a google search and then hit the images tab, you will see all kinds of mods that people have done on this cute little robot.

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
A little late joining the party on this one (I've been busy).

@Mel, I don't read any magazines so wont read that but I have a bit of background in AI which I have been drawing on along with new ideas. However, I try not to get too involved in other AI ideas as it just makes things messy and confusing. FYI my Jarvis' AI is coming along very well, he has a bunch of new actions and is almost getting free will (or as free as possible for something that's programmed), more will be coming on that when I'm properly satisfied with it.

Anyway. Back to the original topic. I'm sure we will see EZ-Robots and the EZ-B/EZ-Bits have a sudden surge of publicity and coverage (and success, lots and lots of success).
We would love to get some feedback about which magazines, blogs and interweb locations you guys spend the most time (other than EZ-Robot:P ). Also, if you have any favorite writers, either blog or print - let us know who they are and we'll try and get in touch with them.

Thanks guys... You rock!
I pretty much Live on EZ-Robots. I used to do the Arduino and basic stamp sights, but they are not appealing to me anymore once I learned about EZB's capabilities. If you were in video, those guys are like old vhs quality while EZB is like Ultra HD with 3D. No comparison.

I do also, Make, letsmakerobots, and instructables. In fact on Instructables is where I found out about D.J. Sures and EZ-Robot.

I window shop on servocity a lot.