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What is the power source you are using to power the EZ-B and servos? Initially I would say It does sound like the power source you are using is not providing enough current for the servos causing the EZ-B to shut down. Also, there’s no mention that I could see using the link, of what the operating voltage is for these servos. Did you receive any documentation stating the servo voltage with these servos?

Have a look at the following tutorial, specifically steps 4 and 5 about different power supply’s...


Those servos will draw A LOT of current. About 3-5 times more than ezrobot HDD servos. Their efficiency rating is super low. That means they’re drawing more than your power supply can provide.

I see this often on the forum for people who purchase cheap servos to save a buck. But it ends up costing more in the long run because you’ll find power sources drain quickly, they’ll vibrate and be noisy, generate a TON of heat and overall discourage the build.

You won’t find servos as efficient and reliable as the ezrobot HDD’s


It's best to use the EZ-B for your logic control, and use a separate power bus to feed any current drawing devices that are a part of your project. It is important that the two SHARE a common ground so your logic outputs have a closed pathway.


Yeah it ended up being the cheap servos just being rainbows and buttercups. I took them to an RC hobby store where I live and as soon as the guy plugged them in to test them they both sent out smoke. I walked out with a good servo that works perfectly plugged into the EZ-B.

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Glad you got to the bottom of the servo issue. I've used el'cheapo servos a long time ago with mixed results. Defiantly worth paying the little extra for quality servos. I have to say that the EZ-Robot HDD servos are great. Silent and strong and reasonably priced.



That really sucks when you buy something (no matter the cost) and it turns out to be junk. The heavy duty digital servos offered by EZ-Robot are the best for the money. Can't beat them. They also have an incredible lift of 19 kg/cm. Need to check out the video on this site.


Why did my message change to saying "Rainbows and Buttercups"? LOL. I have never said that in my life. Did I curse and it changed it to something else?

Anyways I was just supporting our local hobby store. From a small town and would like to keep them in business. I am sure the servos from ezrobot are awesome. Seems like they only put out good stuff.

Now I can only think of rainbows and buttercups... and I'm not sure what buttercups they are talking about but I am thinking of the ones with peanut butter.

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Lol, The rainbows and buttercups are part of the forums bad language filter that replaces not so nice words with something a little more friendlier so as to keep it family friendly.:)