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Servo Questions And Introduction


I'm a B9 robot builder and saw a post the other day about your robot controller. So here I am and I have a few questions I hope you can answer.

I'm thinking of integrating this into my robot as an add on. Below is a link to some construction of my robot . Currently, I am using a product from Brookshire called VSA and the RAPU, to pre-record animations, by layering the servo captured movements into an animated performance.

I like the idea of voice recognition and autonomous operation and other things your board offers. But mainly I'd like to ask about your servo controls. Can you tell me how many degrees each step is? I see you now have 70 steps per servo. Is that traveling 180 degrees?

Secondly, is there any way to ease in/out when writing the voice recognition con fig, for position. In the demo video you are telling the servo to move to a position and no matter its current position it moves as fast as it can to rend that step position. Is there a way to ramp it up to get to that position and ramp down as it approaches the end position? I am thinking more in terms of frames per second, which is how the VSA uses servos. So for instance if you want to travel from step 1 to 70, maybe 1-15 each step is an increase in speed to full throttle at 16 to 55, then ramps down to 70. Is this possible? Or is this an assumption of a timeline, something this software does not have?

I think you have built, and are continuing to improve a great board and look forward to future additions. I love robots and robotics and I certainly could use this for other projects in the future if not for the Lost in Space Robot.

Keep up the great work!

Will P,s I love Relative servo...brilliant!!

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Hello @fxrst and welcome to the EZ-B board, DJ is working on servo speed at the moment. He had it up and running for awhile but it had some issues so he is fixing them. Shouldn't be too long. With the EZ-B you will be able to do soooooo much with your creation which I must say is very impressive.


After watching your video I was quite speechless for a bit. Utterly fantastic!!!!!!!!! You are truly an artist!


hello fxrtst; Great B9 Build!!!!

as far as voice recognition, I using it in an Droid version of R2 D2

Ive played around with the EZ-B and a MP3 trigger, were I loaded the SD card up with R2 sounds then I use the EZ-B Speech recognition to talk to R2 then soon I wrote a script using it to have personality by using the personal Generator and then scripted it to move and make sound at certain secs and mins so it seems autonomous. Here is a tiny video of something like it:

hope that helps you out


Looks Great! Excellent Fab work!


I want to see more of the r2 d2 project you have got robbed. Did you scratch build it?


Thanks for all the kind words. It certainly is a labor of love. Bookmaker, I look forward to the progress of speed for the servos. Nice job GotRobbed. Certainly a great example of the board in action. I just downloaded the software and looking over the manual. I'm sure I'll have a few more questions and comments. But I really like the fact that that this product is in a constant state of development. It can only get more powerful and expandable.




Can you join cards together to add more functionality, and will the software see each board but treat it as one board? I.e digital ports 20 - 40 on board 2, etc. If it works this way how many boards can you connect? Do you hardwire them together? Or connect via BT?



I am trying to place an order and when I get to the pay with Paypal button, once I click I am NOT directed to Paypal to finish the transaction. Can anyone confirm? I tried two browsers with the same results.

Thanks in advance.



Wow this is Will from the Future (2023), Going on 11 years + using DJ's hardware and Software. Kinda cool to look back over the years. EZ Builder/ ARC has really come a long way. I think my first board was the V3 and DJ was in his basement back then.


February 2012? Hmmm that’s interesting I think you’re right and I was still operating out of my basement. Alan would have just started working as well. There were 4 or 5 of us at that time, I believe. Alan, Cade, Matt, Collin, and myself. We were packing boxes in my basement in the evenings and shipping them the next day.

the software and hardware has come along way - you’re right. It’s also interesting how looking back, no one else has successfully accomplished what we have done. It was revolutionary at the time, and compared to many things today, still is. I remember receiving angry messages from people telling me arduino is the future and robots should not have computers on them. Or robots should not be tethered to computers. That all processing will be done on an arduino

makes me chuckle to think how far the industry has come!