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Serial/Usb Connectivity

I really wanted to convert the wifi to USB conductivity on my EZB4 to connect directly to my pc, but after reading the tutorial the USB converter uses the camera port. Did I miss were you can still use the ARC camera with the USB conversion.

Thanks, merne


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usb connection, no ezb camera is one or the other.


You can always use the laptop's camera or another usb camera since your EZB is attached to your computer anyway...


Is it possible to run two EZB's and then have the USB attached to one and a camera attached to the other EZB?


Yes, but the other ez-b would be connected over wifi, which someone trying to use USB would probably be trying to avoid.


OK, but I also thought you could connect one or more ezb to a master ezb over WiFi. Then could the master ezb connect with USB?


No master role.

Each EZB appear as independent controller with a single connection:

  1. Wifi / unique IP OR
  2. Serial/USB connected to Camera Port / unique serial port

Thanks everyone, I was hoping for an answer that we could use both. Am already committed to using ezb cameras for my Inmoov.

Does anyone know if there is an adapter to connect the ezb camera to us it connected to a USB port? If I can then I will be able to connect the exbv4's to USB.

Can you connect the ezb camera to a USB to Serial/TTL Adapter?

Thanks, merne



Does anyone know if there is an adapter to connect the ezb camera to us it connected to a USB port?
Not possible


It's possible but you will need extra hardware and a custom plugin. I did that to avoid wifi connection. I can post a video if anyone is interested.


@ptp, I would like to see your video. I'm not a programmer so I wouldn't know were to start for a plugin. Do you have a link for the hardware to connect the ezb camera?

Thanks, merne




I'm not a programmer...
No problem, I'll explain how it works.

The EZB Camera uses serial communication, the baud rate is fixed and high, common USB/Serial/TTL adapters can't handle the high baud rate.

I have tested a few different chips and no success, i have one more high end but I'm using in another project (I'll test later).

I don't know if EZR can recommend one.


those without a dog hunt like a cat
I used an Arm Cortex M4 to interface with the ezb camera.

The code logic is: read from the camera write to the USB, read from the USB write to the camera.

the first part of the problem is solved.

ARC connects to the EZB camera via IP + Port.

I built a custom program to bridge a TCP Server listening on a specific port and the camera USB port.

The code logic is: read from the TCP socket (remote client=EZBuilder) write to the serial port, read from the serial port write to TCP socket.

I'll post a video.

If you are interested drop me an email, i can detail the costs, i can buy the micro-controller, flash the code, and send it to you.

The custom program can be converted to an ARC skill plugin to keep the solution centralized.


@ptp, I just sent you an email.




Sorry for the delay, busy and a few personal projects, the usual.

The plugin is out:

The controller on the picture will be in the mail tomorrow.

You will be the Plugin's user #1 (excluding me)

There are more ideas ... to use the extra micro-controller with EZ-B.

Maybe (maybe) in the future i can release a firmware tool (similar to the EZ-Robot) to program the micro-controller without extra tools.

The problem is always the time.

If anyone have the same request, i can help replicate the setup.


@ptp, this looks great. I briefly took a look at your plug-in I will look at it more this weekend work is been very busy .

I look forward to receiving the controller and thanks very much for your time.

Thanks merne


Would using a raspberry pi with the EZB4 be a better solution?

Once the script is loaded onto the hard drive, once you unplug the usb the robot would perform the script? Would be more reliable than a wi-fi connection i think?

The Pi can act as a USB slave, or act as a virtual webcam, etc.



I can't follow you.

When you connect an ezb v4 or iotiny to your desktop you lose the camera port.

using a plugin and extra hardware you can connect your ez camera to your pc.

Both the controller and the camera are wired.

Raspberry pi does not have a serial port so how can raspberry pi be a better fit between an ez-robot camera and a desktop usb port ?


@ptp, received the USB yesterday. I plan to try it this weekend. I too have been busy with work.

Thanks again for help, ps I will send you an email.



@ptp, my ezb camera works great connect to USB. Thanks again for your work!

Cheers, Merne