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Seems Sometime Site Is Slow

Lately Only, sometimes slow. And, a lot of missing links. Page not found, etc.

Not the way it used to be Lightning fast. I am running at 100mps and my speed tests show it. I figure that there was a problem and you are working on it.

This is not a complaint. Also, this does not require an answer. It was just so you would know.


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The html code for the website is intense so I wouldn't be surprised that a computer may take some time to decipher it.

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It's not that intense and nothing has really changed recently. My guess is either high server demands/loads or some work being done on the back end which causes intermittent speed issues.

I did notice it running a little slow the other day but it's been fine since. Is it just EZ-Robot that is slow or do you suffer on other sites too? Have you tried it on other PCs too with the same results? It could be something as simple as back end work to the site or could be something more nasty such as malware.

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What missing links?


Mostly in the showcase. I clicked on many of them that I got page not found.

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The showcase is pretty much the same as the forum. Either it was while the site was down (for any reason, not that I've noticed it's been down lately) or your internet dropped while you were browsing the showcase.

Is the site still slow for you? I can say it has been perfectly fine all day for me, so for the last 12-13 hours. If you have experienced problems I'd suggest you check your internet and/or your router. Some routers will keep a log of problems, my money would be on an issue there rather than on the site.


I found web site quite slow too a number of days ago ,went off to work tried again on work pc same problem gave up trying to access, A few hours later when I logged on again all ok and have had no issues since. That was possibly friday \ saturday last wk


@moviemaker, the website undergoes updates , refreshes and things like that when @Chrissi makes changes. You will want to delete your cache and cookies , logout and login agian for the best performance.

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I never delete my cache or cookies, in fact I haven't closed chrome or the tab for the forums on chrome for well over a month now.

Chances are it was a slight blip on the server. There have certainly been no issues with the forums over the past few days.

Are you still experiencing slow loading times and "broken links" Mel?


For the most part we've resolved any problems where you should login/logout, clear cache, clear cookies, etc. Maybe we missed some, but any complaints that we've heard from users before about these issues have been fixed as far as we can tell.

We have actually been reducing the size of the HTML and other assets on the site as much as possible, so if anything, the site should be faster these days than it was a few months ago. We are improving compression and reducing load times.

I don't think we're noticing any sort of slowdown or broken pages. If you can be more descriptive and specific about what might be wrong, like if there is a page that you can't load, please provide the link, and which page you tried to visit it from.

Or if the site is consistently slow for you, please provide details like what country you live in, what ISP you use, and what device and operating system you are using.

Hope this helps:)



Nothing consistent, but something was definitely up last Friday. Maybe your internet provider rather than the site since a bunch of us saw it (or maybe we are all on the same provider and it was on our end. Is everyone else who saw an issue last week on Verizon FiOS?).


Ah, I am not sure if there were any issues on the hosting provider level. I have seen it occasionally go down, but I don't know about lately. Maybe DJ Sures will know.


Just some general info , Verizon Fios has been in the center of scrutiny for slowing down Internet speeds to websites that do not pay Verizon a toll to be in the fast lane. Recent reports have indicated Netflix for example has had an average of 17 percent speed reduction for the Verizon Fios customers. So this may literally be Verizon manipulating the Internet access by throttling you.

Here is a small piece of how Verizon has been up to no good


The Verizon controversy is really just Netflix and maybe YouTube, not web sites in general (and the details are more nuanced, but for discussion somewhere else). I am sure that is not the issue, but could have been an interconnect issue between carrriers.


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If it would help I can try to log any times where the site is down or slow (since I live on here it's no problem).

However, I am currently noticing slow load times but this is for all sites so probably a problem my end.


@Rich, It is fine now. I think you are right, it was just a burp.