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Scraps Is Scrap

I think I am about to scrap my bot scraps as it is just crap:(
the drive motors are just way way to week so I think I will be working on a new track bot


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Hey @Wolfie don't give up! Scraps is a cool looking bot. I'm sure that you could pick up some higher torque gear motors and get em' up and running right!

Lots of members here could probably suggest some good DC gearmotors (and motor driver) to use. FingerTech (from Saskatchewan) has a large variety of DC gearmotors in various ratios that they usually sell to battlebot enthusiasts.

I usually get my DC gearmotors from Princess Auto or Electronic Goldmine because of the surplus prices.
Im not giving up
Yes I can get new motors but it would be a mager job finding ones that would fit in the little space I have for them
Im best to get a completely new drive base to work with
It will safe time and ALOT of stress lol

Plus the plastic gears suck big time
Time to change over to metal

mmmm more power lol

i saw your video off scraps,he's way much better then mine.
maybe you can double the dc motors.
I have no room in the motor box that is about the size of 1 servo cut in half and the 2 parts put together end to end lol
United Kingdom
By weak do you mean slow or do you mean lack torque?

You can get a whole variety of motors of the same size which have different speeds, torques and voltages, you may be able to find something which better suits your requirements.

It was mentioned a while back that the RAD robot gives much more torque when over volted but run with PWM to simulate lower voltage. So in effect a 6V motor running on 12v with PWM at "half speed" gave it more torque without damaging the motor. I can't guarantee that wouldn't break the motor but if replacing them anyway it may be worth a shot?
I think I would be best to get a different drive base one that is bigger and stronger
The motors in this one are way to slow and week plus the plastic that the base is made from is thin week and flimsy
It was ok to play with and learn on but now its time for better
There is many things I want to change on it so it would be less work to get/make a new bigger stronger drive base with bigger stronger new motors
But I love the tracks so I have to keep them lol
I agree. Sometimes it's time to put away the toys and start running with the big dogs! *cool*
I'm the king of dogs lol
Dogs love me
Cop dogs are pups when I'm around lol