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Went in for my old guy physical this week and walked out of the Doc's office with a Roomba for $10.00!
After a thorough cleaning (After all it did spend a year cleaning the clinics floors), it works perfect.

I guess I'll be buying more parts from DJ... Yeah!!:D

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A VERY good deal,i pick up just like it at thrift store near me price $15
but i did find that 500 series not great to hack for robots but can work as is
if using it for a robot,remove all vacuum parts and motors,and you have 2 high current switches and one low current switch (500ma) plus weight much less and have extra room for boards and batteries
I assume the 500 Series will still work with the EZB?
A suprising side affect of testing the Roomba, is now my wife wants to keep it for doing the floors! Seems it worked too good.:(
yes it does the 500 series,seem someone is lazy
me i have over 30 roomba's and sold 15 modified roomba's so far and working on making more since orders keep comming in for them
the design is a little like the TURTLEBOT DESIGN that sell alot at $500 ONLY PLATFORM

turtlebot robot
mine i sell easy at half the price,also can be used for EZB ,turtlebot uses open source ROS software
on the main page kinect and laptop not included only IROBOT create robot ,deck and hardware
same as mine only i add extra battery charging design using 2 batteries
Fantastic deal Dave, these Roomba's are ideal carriages for Robots around the house, it's worth exploring how much of a load they can carry and what their limitations are on surfaces. I really cool feature is how Roomba's have their own re-charge platform.
and can get them very cheap on ebay,some $15 and working, and thrift stores too
i have one 5 blocks away large thrift store (goodwill) always in there everyday
last time got a roomba complete 4220 model $8 and working,contact was damage a little ,but easy fix and now working perfect
when you use a roomba ,remove all vacuum parts,including motors,then you have lots of room and 3 high current switches
Thats a great model! Nice find
also DJ does also the IROBOT CREATE work with EZB,it uses the same board as roomba 4000 series only has connection to a 25 pin DIN plug and I/O pin,SCI COMMANDS almost the same,just a few more features

I can answer that. The create works fine with D.J.'s cable with only two pins connected, Signal and ground. The roomba Movement Panel works fine connected up to the EZB.

mostly i want to know from DJ is the output connection 25 pin DIN connector
from the control panel only a few buttons,where the 25 pin as much much more
plus there is no output ,for sensor data witch is very usefull on all roomba's and create models