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Hong Kong
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Resolved Resolved by JustinRatliff!

Sayezb Does Not Work With Surface Pro

Hi DJ,

I changed my platform to Microsoft surface pro recently. I don't know why the sayezb script does not work with ez-b. Even updated and re-install!

And I have already doubled checked within that forum, but I found nothing to mention about this!

Do you have any ideas be able to solve this issue?

Thanks a lot

B. Regards
Ricky Ma

Sorry! This is my mistake!

I found that the "sayezb" script was worked with AP mode.
But how to write "sayezb" script to connect ez-b in client mode?

B. Regards
Ricky Ma

the tablet is ? win8 or 10 ?
Hi Patrick,

Actually, I have reviewed "screen resolution" before. My screen setting is adjusted for tablet resolution. So, I think that the EZ-b webpage save button may change a little bit different between old and new version.

Anyway, thanks for your solution and help:)
i didn find a tutorial for win10 so,i think there must be a save button always.
i see you have two buttons more on your web page.so indeed there are some,
changes between win8 and win10.

User-inserted image
@rickymahk2013... The ezb4 webserver was updated in version x/2 of the ezb4... It has more options available over the original ezb4... Nomad is incorrect... this has nothing to do with whether you are using Windows 8 or 10 or any other version of windows... Screen resolution likewise has nothing to do with what version of windows you are using...
The save buttons are inside these folders ... in places where you make changes... Click on anyone and you will see a save button...
User-inserted image
but for saving your servo's.in diagnostics?
What servo settings do you need to save?... The webserver just controls the digital IO ports without using ARC... It just controls things like servos and digital IO to test them... there is nothing to save so that's why there is no save button...
now i dont get it.look save button for servo's

User-inserted image
You have an old ezb. You should update the comm board to version 2.... The save button you are pointing to with the red arrow only saves the low battery warning option and nothing else... The blue arrow is pointing to controlling the servos only in real time... setting them to 90deg without using ARC that's all... just setting the servos not saving any servo info about tem... Get it now?

As I mentioned the new webserver for the ezb4 x/2 is completely different with more options...

ah yes i get it now.thanks for helping.is it possible that the problem ricky ma has,
is become he has no original ez servo's?
am happy with the old version.
Thanks for Justin, Patrick and Richard help:)
hows going with the robot head?