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I assume it would, but I am confused... You have a kangaroo and sabertooth controller(s), correct? Could you not just test this yourself?


It looks like the Kangaroo takes R/C PWM servo inputs. So you merely need to connect the signal wire to the EZB controller and use any servo control. So any control that uses a servo would work. Such as a Camera, WiiMote, Joystick, servo (horizontal/vertical), etc...

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Thanks for the input. I just needed a little direction as I was having trouble thinking it through. I don't really know what goes on behind the Movement Panel that makes things work.

I do have this setup RR. The reason for my question. I would test this myself but my robot is currently out of order. I'm trying to plan on what direction to take next. I'm thinking about trying other ways to control my robot other then what I have now.


You da man DJ! You jogged my memory. I wanted to try this approach a long time ago. I think now is the time to give it a try.

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Did you send me a kangaroo to test out? If so, I'll do a live hack with it for ya. Let me look and see if i can find what ever it was you sent me last year


Looks like you did - Want to see a hack with it?

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There are some early discussions (2013 or so) that the R/C mode (without the Kangaroo, emulating a modified/rotational servo) did not work well.  The users who were trying were unable to find the "stopped" point, so their robots were always moving a little forward or backward, which I believe was why you built the Movement Panel to use Simple Serial mode.  I suspect that would not be an issue with the Kangaroo, since that makes it behave more like a traditional servo, but it will be very interesting to see the live hack.


DJ, that would be an awesome Hack to watch. Thanks for the offer. I'd love to see you do this.

I had forgotten I had sent that stuff to you. That's certainly my handwriting. Have fun!

I also think I remember the thread Alan mentioned. Can't remember much else about it though.


Okay - that’s good to know Alan. I’ll setup a live hack and we’ll give it a shot and see what’s up:)