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Running Multiple Scripts

i have a script for jaw movement and a script for the say wait movement only one script can run at a time. in other words either the servo jaw runs or the voice comes out not both, how do you fix this


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Why can only one script be run at a time? You can run a lot of scripts at the same time. You can also have one script start, stop or pause another script with control commands.

You will want to use a ControlCommand() in the script with the saywait() command which will start the jaw script, the jaw script should be looping so it's always moving while talking and then once the talking is finished use another ControlCommand() to stop the jaw moving.

Something like this... ("Script" is the name of the script you want to start and stop)


ControlCommand("Script", ScriptStart)
SayWait("This is some jibber jabber")
ControlCommand("Script", ScriptStop)
@Frank.... try and post your "scripts" to allow further inspection!:)