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Wifi Connection Question

I am doing a Pandorabot and a camera for a rover robot that i want to have video and AI. Eventually, I want to be able to video inside my house when away and keep the puppies in check. So the pandorabot and speech recognition worked fine but my camera didn't work. I then i realized that the ez robot program running on the Tosh L75 laptop was not...

Face Object Detection Variable Lingers, Not Consistent

I am still working on my project and I have successfully detected a face, then I aim the camera at a wall and it keeps saying it recognizes the face. I then did a clear variables, and then I have to run the script a few times like four times to get the face recognition again. It's not working consistently. I did the tutorials and am still having...

Servo Causes Program To Freeze

I am doing speech and "robot move forward" and the servo runs but then I can't shut it using the servo control and the ez program keeps freezing on me. When this happens I get the message "I have successfully connected to your network" and why this is resetting, I have no clue. Anyone have any ideas? Also the program keeps...
Ezbsay() And Say()

Ezbsay() And Say()

Why is it my pc sound card works off the say script but I don't get any sound off the sayezb script. I wrote script and when I changed all the to just the sound board it only works...

Sound Board Color / Object Recognitiuon

I did a yellow cop object recognition and the ez is not recognizing it (maybe due to poor lighting) but that is not the issue. The script won't talk out of the ez b and instead, I have to set the say to the pc soundboard, So EZ robot built in speaker does not obey the script yet it does the startup network find and all of that ok. Here is the...

Can't Get Rss To Work

In the Speech Recognition I was looking to have the weather report spoken and put the following script in: SpeakRSS(, 1 ) SpeakRSS(", 3 ) Say("This concludes today's weather report Newark area") But nothing happens. It was to be triggered on the "weather"...

Power Plug Adapter

I am applying 20 lbs force to push the 2.1mm barrel plug into the receiver power base module of the developer kit. Is there something wrong with this connector? This was ordered last year new and I finally got around to using it. this really sucks.. I need either a new power adapter plug or the white power 2.1 mm plug or receiver. The barrel pin...
Sound And Servo Control Bp Talk Board

Sound And Servo Control Bp Talk Board

I have the BP talk board that controls the servo by sound. If I plug a headset male plug into my headphone on the PC and run it to the talk board...

Ez Control Link To Ai Sites

I read on the post that Rich Pyke wrote a script to read rss news off the web site. If I buy a servo sound talk board, can I get an animatronic head to talk back and have the jaw synch with the sound? Frank

Servo Modification

how do you program two servos to move simultaneously ?

Running Multiple Scripts

i have a script for jaw movement and a script for the say wait movement only one script can run at a time. in other words either the servo jaw runs or the voice comes out not both, how do you fix this

How To Sync Servo With Voice

Hi all, we are making a talking skull and want to sync the servo that controls the jaw with voice. Can I please get some clues on this because I want to figure most of this out myself EZ Robot v 2013, firm 18 frank

Talking Head

Hello, my students want to have a talking head and we are going to sync the servo controlling the jaw with the voice. I don't see anywhere how this can be done except through a pc. I am hoping to use the ez-b otherwise I may go back to arduino. Please advise on what additional hardware/software is needed to have 30 seconds of singing. Thank you FC
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