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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Rover 5 Chassis Question

I am thinking that the Rover 5 chassis in the store does not come with encoders due to the price.

Is that correct?


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That's correct, there are no encoders.
@Darathianb, they are sold separately by dagu if that's something you reeeeeally want.
Speaking of encoders, is there options for using them (like part of the motor control panel) in ARC? Or would one have to whip up a script of some sort? I have casually been going through the workings of ARC but haven't seen anything for use with encoders... Again, sorry for the possible daft question as I still have yet to physically use the EZB controller itself... And sorry to the OP a possible thread jack as well...

United Kingdom
Encoders are not natively supported by ARC.
Encoders aren't great ... You'll most likely never see encoders supported by us. We have a localized positioning system with a camera coming out pretty soon as an EZ-Bit.:D You'll like that much better
@DJ Sures... That I would be looking forward to...

@skater_j10 and DJ Sures

Thanks for the quick response.