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Rover 2.0 Connect Question


I use ARC but couldnt connect rover 2.0. show this report,

13.06.2014 22:39 - Rover Error: System.IO.IOException: Aktarma baglantisindan veriler okunamadi: Baglanilan uygun olarak belli bir süre içinde yanit vermediginden veya kurulan baglanti baglanilan ana bilgisayar yanit vermediginden bir baglanti kurulamadi. ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Baglanilan uygun olarak belli bir süre içinde yanit vermediginden veya kurulan baglanti baglanilan ana bilgisayar yanit vermediginden bir baglanti kurulamadi konum: System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags) konum: System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Read(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size) --- Iç özel durum yigini izlemesinin sonu --- konum: System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Read(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size) konum: System.IO.Stream.ReadByte() konum: EZ_B.BrookstoneRover.Connect()

you can help me ?


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If you mean the Brookstone rover? To my knowledge, EZ Robot at this time only supports version 1 (Not 2.0)



I would like to know if we could get Brockstone Rover 2.0 support anytime soon?


Do enough people have them? We get about 5 posts a year asking for it... I don't even know where you can buy them? It's weeks worth of man hours to add support for something new - I love adding new features... but I do not feel the brookstone rover is popular enough.

those who have one can sure change my mind:)


Originally purchased EZB because it had Rover support.I was not able to find a version 1 Rover...I was thinking that it would not not take much to make version 2 Rover work with EZB but i could be wrong .I am not a programmer.That is why I look for your support. And thank you for everything you do with robotics and the community.


Thanks! I love hacking stuff - but my time is so limited lately with all the new features we have planned to release. Maybe if I come across a rover v2 I can sneak a peak.:)


I will send you one,

It will ship tomorrow, hope this will help.

Thanks for all you do!


Christi, well that's sure twisting my arm! Okay we'll wait for your package:)


Thanks for all info. But I still do need your support. Please help. Thanks in advance.


@Acemalt... You'll have to be patient then... As mentioned Version 2 of the Rover is currently not supported yet... EZ Robot will need time to get version 2 of the Rover working....


Wow,, I didn't know it took so long to send something to Canada, from the US.



Wow,, I didn't know it took so long to send something to Canada, from the US.

It isn't the shipping, it is the customs office (primarily). Fedex or DHL can reduce the time vs USPS to Canada Post, but at fairly high cost.



Well that took a bit, but it should be there.



I played with it a bit tonight - they did some crazy changes in the protocol. I was able to make it move, move the camera, and control the LED. I haven't been able to get the video yet... I'll spend some time with it this weekend


Wow your up late,

Thanks again for helping us, this is going to make it even better...


I haven't had time this past week - hoping to have time this upcoming week to play with the rover again.


Can't wait for 2.0 support! I was so excited to find this website, I already had a 2.0 but after seeing no support (yet) I bought the original rover. Thank you for the support!


I saw this site I got rover. I had to look at but 2.0 support. therefore, I can't wait.


DJ Sures,

I have not been very happy with the performance with the rover, I was wondering if I buy the EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller, will that fit inside the case? Is that all i need or do I need a motor controller? will the current cam work with the EZ-B or should I order a cam?

The current setup looses the wi-fi all the time. I need it to work when I turn it on and not have to play 15 min to get it to work...

I like what you have so and the look of the rover, so if I can combine the two, I think it will work for me...




Hi DJ,

I'm a new EZ-B v4 owner and new to your site. I purchased 2 Brookstone Rovers about 6 weeks ago during their sale thinking they would be usable with ARC. I have read the posts here and understand the differences and time required on your side. I will add my name to the list of folks who would love 2.0 support...and will enjoy your other items in the mean time.




Hi, I'm Peter from Australia, I also purchased the brookstone rover 2.0 last week, I would love to see some support for this.



I am yet another person who just bought a Rover 2.0 so add me to the list of people waiting with baited breath for support.

Thanks for all you do.


The development of hacking the rover is still on going:)


Cool! DJ Sures! Thank you for your contribution to Rover V2! I can't wait to see it working with your solution!


DJ Sures, I have found something on Rover 2.0 and would like to let you know. You can connect a test page on Rover 2.0 using the following address: Hope that helps you:)


Hi, I am not sure what to do with this address, it always comes up as

"This page can’t be displayed" how do I connect?

Regards Peter


Dear Loupy31,

You need to connect WiFi to your Rover V2 before connecting the address.


Thanks for that, OK, I have the page up, it is asking for a user name and password, Can you help with that please

Regards Peter


I typed AC13/AC13 in my case.


The issue i'm having is with the video decoding. I have found a project with example code but it's incomplete. i'll be working on it more next week:)


Dear DJ Sures,

I really appreciate your support!

FYI, I have found some library files from Rover V2 Android Apk file. It seems to be related to audio and video encoding/decoding.

I am not sure if it helps you or not, but I hope that helps you indeed.armeabi.zip


Hi @DJ Sures,

Maybe you've already stumbled upon it, but I found a Python implementation that you might find interesting as well to sort your video issues out: home.wlu.edu/~levys/software/roverpylot/

Hope this helps,

Please keep us posted!


Hi DJ Sures,

Do you have any update on this project?




Any one got any update on Rover 2.0 project

Thank you


There is no update yet - however I was working on it last week. The iOS app is taking priority at the moment. Check back near end of January - sure i'll have an update by then:)


Hi DJ, I appreciate your efforts Merry Christmas


Hi DJ, I am yet another person who bought a Rover 2.0. So add me to the list of people waiting for the Project. Is there anything we can do to help you ?


Hi DJ, I also have the 2.0, so Please add me as well.

Regards Peter


Hello DJ, i too have a Rover 2 and am adding my name to the list. This is a awesome site and thanks for all the effort you do to educate us all ! Thanks. Mike