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Roomba 500+


I was wondering what models of the Roomba that are supported by the example ARC Application? Does the ARC Application support the I-Robot Create?

I downloaded the Roomba Example in EZ-Builder, I noticed it didn't include a mobile interface. I started to create a mobile interface for the Roomba example and have a couple of questions:

--I put forward, reverse, left and right buttons on the mobile page. I looked at the scripts for the buttons and they are the standard scripts used for revolution robots. Do these scripts need to be modified as it looks like the EZ-Bv4 communicates with the Roomba via RS232? Will these buttons without changing the scripts control the Roomba in the Mobile App?

--Also there are buttons in the EX-Builder PC Screens for Roomba that control the motor speed, seek dock, clean, disable sensors, etc. Can these same controls be used in the mobile interface as well. I clicked on the Roomba Movement Panel setup gear and the only thing noticed was a baud rate setup? There were no scripts for the buttons in the windows interface. I am assuming that when you click the buttons that a serial command is sent to Roomba to cause the actions to take place. How is this accomplished for the Mobile Interface?

--I'm thinking seriously on using a I-Robot Roomba or I-Robot Create as a base for a security type robot as some have suggested in replies to other posts of mine. Sounds like a very good idea with it being able to dock with a recharging port. Would like to be able to control them via a mobile interface. Using EZ-Bits and the universal adapter plate I could create various creations to mount on the Roomba or I-Robot Create.

--I have a Foscam F19831P IP Camera and am very interested in using it with the ARC for PC and Mobile Version of EZ-Builder. Seems like it would be a large software project and I am not the good with programming. Would like to have the Foscam video stream show up in ARC Mobile and be able to control its pan/tilt functions in mobile app as well as the Roomba Movement Panel to control the Robot Functions?

--Can you select multiple screens in the ARC Mobile Interface? Seems that you can but not sure how this is done. Haven't seen any examples of this yet?

Thanks much for your time....Rick Bonari


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1. As long as you have the room a Movement Panel in the project along with the mobile interface, yes.

2. Make a button and click the script button in the options. In there, navigate to the Cheat Sheet tab and scroll until you see the room a Movement Panel controls. There may be control commands for these buttons which will be listed.

3. I would agree. It's a strong base. Be wary of using its battery though. I hear people have had problems, and added a second battery for the ez-b and servos.

4. In ARC, you could just add the webcams ip address in to the camera selection area. It has to be connected to the same network as the ez-b, or must be connected to the ez-bs wifi.

5.. Yes, and it involves using multiple mobile interfaces. You would have to look for the command to switch between them.

Can't wait to see what you do!
Thanks MazeHorizonTech,

I googled roomba batteries and read about some of the issues with them. I also found a site where they recommended third party batteries that are much better than the standard batteries. The people at this site also evaluated these batteries over a long period of time. The also have a higher amp hour rating. If anyone is interested in this site I can include it in this post.

I won' be using the roomba to clean carpets so should be able to cut down on battery power useage.

Is it correct that you first have to put the roomba in clean mode before selecting or executing a seek docking operation? I thought the roomba automatically seeks out its docking port when the battery pack is low?

I looked in the Cheat Sheet for roomba Movement Panel and did find contro commands for roomba functions in ARC for windows. I didn' see a function for the motor speed control. Was wondering how to add this in the mobile interface?

In the mobile interface for roomba I am assuming that I can add buttons and in script for button use Cheat Sheet funcions for Movement Panel again didn't see any function for speed control?

I know the ip address for the ip camera and was wondering how I can add the video sttem to mobile camera control. Also is it possible to control the ip camera pan/tilt functions and turn on & off the ir leds using ARC for windows and ARC Mobile?

Can the ARC example application work for the I-Robot Create? Are the communications protocols the same?

Thanks Much..Rick Bonari

I changed the ip address in camera selection area of ez-buider to the Foscam F19831P address and started camera but no video. The foscam IP camera is in JPEG Snapshot mode. I have an app on my cell phone and video stream displays fine on cell phone. The foscam ip camera is connected to same network as robot/ARC. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Would it be possible to control the foscam ip cam pan/tilt and ir on/off functions from ARC pc and mobile?

Will ez-bulider/ez-bv4 work with the i-robot create ?

Thanks Much....Rick Bonari


Would it be possible to control the foscam ip cam pan/tilt and ir on/off functions from ARC pc and mobile?

Will ez-bulider/ez-bv4 work with the i-robot create ?

If you search Foscam on the forum you should find some posts from @Elfege with information about streaming from it.

There is no direct support for the pan/tilt but I believe there is an sdk so should be able to write a plugin.

Yes, the iRobot create is supported.

In fact, I believe the pan tilt can be controlled by get url commands, so you should be able to control it via script without writing a plugin. Lots of posts about Foscam if you search. Too many for me to read them all tonight to point you to the most useful ones.

Thank you techguru for your help. I will check out the foscam posts. Sounds promising !...Rick B.
Can anyone answer the question about what specific Roomba models are supported?

@faengelm I personally have used 400, 500 and 600 series Roombas without any issues. However I created a custom Movement Panel using serial commands rather than the built in Roomba control.... I also use the roomba ROI for the relevant serial protocol and serial commands needed...
Thanks for the info.

I purchased a Roomba 650 and it works great using your custom Movement Panel and excellent scripts

Hey @Frank... glad you found it useful... I will be digging out my Roombas again once IPS is released.... :)
I have noticed that when I use a movement script such as:


 uartWrite(0,1,137,0,150,128,0,131) #forward slow SAFE 

The Roomba loses its bump detection. Is there a way it keep that active?