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Rolli+Jd Configuration

this one catsh my eye .i have a few questions.

will there be other colors availeble in the future.
is it possible to ad a lcd in chest whit image/video what he sees.
does the tail fit on the rover body shell

thank you

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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To use the file in ARC you go to 'Project', 'Bit Builder' and click 'Add STL'.
Since you don't have a 3d printer, you could use a service like shapeways and have them print it and ship it to you.
yes i saw that.
i seen on the by page here.the top off rolli is separt to by but the bottem is not separt to by.
i ordered the power source allreddy here.
and the 2A motor controleer i will by in 2 weeks.
i wanna change the tail too .
is that a batterie in the rover in the middle?
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
You load the base with 3 (AA?) batteries, as far as what I can see in the picture.
yes it looks like that.
If you buy the seperate chassis, yes. If you buy roli, he's powered off a LiPo.
can the base not take power from the ez-b4 ?
I don't think so. The base (where the v4 clicks into) is supposed to be delivering power TO the ez-b.
Again, I'm not sure about this. Maybe DJ or somebody else will chime in.
I'm sorry I thought that the waist/legs had the female and the body had the male. I knew the Rolie was female.

@Niek Thanks for posting the adapter stl. Why isn't it in the library I wonder?
I think it has to be approved in order to be in the library.
i dont see the upper body from rolli in library
You don't have the Rover Cover? I was going to post the link but it appears that none of the stls are available from where they should be.

EZ Bits
when will the new jd head availeble whit new camera.:)
IF you watch the 25 or so minute intro video, (i don't remember where it is) halfway through the JD head goes from the v3 camera to the v4 camera. The JD head will have the EZ-B v4 camera, so you could have ordered it any day.
i planned to by more in few weeks,cant by all in one time.
i will looks it up.i dont see the new head on the by page yet.
thank you
No matter what you will get the V4 head and camera... There would be no reason to sell the old head since JD is going to ship with version 4 of the EZB controller... Everything about JD, Roli and Six will be version 4, even the camera as well... Maybe you could retro-fit the EZb3 and old camera into an empty shell of JD, but that means buying just the ez bits and servos and putting in your ezb3 hardware yourself....
i dont have a v3.i ordered the v4 and i like that one cause the new camera is connected straight to the v4 .
i do have the old camera.am just starting whit ez so i need lot off things.for now i have the v4 some servo 2 off each servo.
some cables the radar sensor,batterie and case,the ttl bt chip.mp3 trigger.am looking for a secondhanded win7 ultimate too,
here in belgium.